Slip Sliding Away Applesauce: Mets Lose, Drop Fourth In Their Last Five Series, Pelfrey Injured By Parra, Quotes Taken Out of Context

"Don't worry, Mike! Everything will be okay. We have the leeches all set to go in the clubhouse and we'll commence with the bloodletting in about an hour. We also believe that there's around a 90% chance that we'll have to perform a craniotomy, so just sit down and we'll get the Opium anesthetic ready for you!" --Ray Ramirez

The undermanned Mets offense continues to struggle and the bullpen couldn't hold Mike Pelfrey's lead, as the Amazins' fell to the Diamondbacks 6-4 in Arizona on Saturday evening. Pelfrey, fresh off of a media fiasco caused by some out of context quotes he gave to Mike "Luis Hernandez, Opening Day Second Baseman" Puma, put the Mets in an early hole that they were able to dig themselves out of. Pelf seemed to straighten himself out, until the fourth inning when he was hit on the elbow with a Gerardo Parra line drive and removed from the game. That's when the LOLpen made an early appearance, headlined by D.J. Carrasco, who gave the game right back to the D-Backs on a silver platter. And that's where this one essentially ended, aside from an insurance run scored by Arizona in the sixth.

Chris Capuano heads to the mound for the Mets as they try to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Diamonbacks. For Arizona, it'll be Staten Island's own Jason Marquis opposing them. Marquis had some interesting comments about a potential union with the Mets or Yankees next season. To that I say "meh, he's probably a good guy but let's look for a better pitcher." Anyway, game time is 4:10 PM and the game can be seen locally on WPIX Channel 11.

Jason Bay reflects on his difficult season. I think difficult may be putting it lightly.

Yesterday, I linked to an idea of a Bay for Jake Peavy swap. Well, how about a Bay for A.J. Burnett swap? In a simple word: No. In two more words? Just no.

Will the Mets be second class citizens forever? Perhaps, although New Yorkers certainly are fickle creatures.

Around the NL East

Roy Oswalt threw 7 solid innings and the Phillies tossed John Lannan around like a rag doll, as they defeated the Nats 11-3.

The Cubs beat the Braves 8-4, but Dan Uggla's hitting streak stretched to 33 early on in this one. Uggla also hit another home run, the 27th of the season for him.

The Giants shut out the Marlins 3-0 behind a solid seven inning performance from Tim Lincecum.

Around the Majors

The Carlos Zambrano Crazy Train keeps rolling, as the Cubs placed the volatile righty on the Disqualified List, which bars him from pitching for 30 days. He's also not paid for the balance of those 30 days. This sounds like a job for the MLB Players Association, who will almost certainly try their hardest to rescue those 30 days pay.

Remember when Jorge Posada's career was over? Okay, it probably still is, but golfing in Florida and a yearly Old Timers' Day appearance seems a little further off in the distance after the day Jorge had on Saturday. Jorgie Juiced One™ Grand Slam and knocked in six runs altogether, while going 3-5 as the Yankees beat up on the Rays 9-2.

Mike Jacobs is on a mission to get back to the majors. He'll probably get back someday, although he shouldn't stay for very long and probably won't, considering that .313 career OBP (unless of course Omar Minaya gets a job in the near future. Then all bets are off the table).

Finally, Zack Greinke wore the wrong jersey in a pinch-hitting appearance. Awkward.

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