The remaining schedule

As uplifting as the sweep of the Reds was, the recent string of suck has deflated my hopes for the WC.   I see no chance that the Mets make it. I could go on a rant about this guy's defense, or that guy's relief pitching, or the other guy's starting pitcher, but in the end, the sum of all fears (the sum of all fails) adds up to "does not compute" as far as making the WC.  With the season running out of runway, let's have a look at the remaining games in the schedule:

Marlins = We have 9 games left with them.   We have proven that we are unable to beat them over the last 4 years.  In a best case scenario, we go 5-4 against them.

Braves = Also 9 games left against them.  Like the Marlins, we are also unable to beat them (not to mention that they are the better team).  For the sake of optimism, I will say 5-4 the rest of the way.

Padres = 6 games with them.   We should probably go 4-2.

D-Backs = 3 games with them in Arizona.   I'll say 1-2.

Brewers = 3 games.   2-1

Phillies = 6 games.  2-4

Nats = 7 games.   See Marlins and Braves above.  3-4

Cubs = 3 games.  2-1

Cards = 3 games  1-2

Reds = 3 games  2-1


If my math is correct, this scenario bring us to a final record of 82-80.   This is of course, assuming that there are no further injuries to the main players, and also assumes that players wont stick their heads up their ass. To make the WC, assuming the Braves play at .500 the rest of the way, the Mets need to play 7 games better than them just to catch them.  I don't know where we find 7 wins in this schedule.  Even throwing away logic and changing predictions  to 6-3 vs Marlins and Braves, change Phillies to 3-3, and sweep Cubs and Reds, we still fall short.  Also, there is no indication that the Braves will play at .500 the rest of the way.   Most likely they will play above .500 assuming everything stays the same from an injury / performance on the field standpoint. So, is time to dust off the AAOP and start dreaming about ST.


Update as of August 6th = after losing 5 in a row, and dropping back below .500, the Mets are 9 back with 51 to play. Again, assuming the Braves play .500 from today on, they will finish with 90 wins.  For the Mets to reach 90 wins, they need to go 35-16 the rest of the way.

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