Another TRAID TEH COEUR post....

America is crumbling....

The worlds economy is on the verge of ruin....

The Mets suck....

In a lot of ways the Mets finances and general disarray has mirrored the current sorry state of our world in general. It's as if Mr. Met can double as posterchild of the beginning of the end of times. Polar shifts and emotional loyalties aside as the reality of an extended rebuilding period sets in the time to crack the proverbial eggs to make the omelette is now upon us.

Regarding Jose Reyes.....

I love Jose. I love everything about this man down to his Reggaeton video "no hay amigo". For those who haven't seen it watch it on Youtube for a good belly laugh. However he is not a 20 million man. He is not a .350, I mean a .330 hitter. He is not durable. My gut tells me although he shows all the indicators of being on the verge of going into his prime his fragile hamstrings will not support his ascension to alltime greatness. During the duration of what's being projected as the length of his next contract (6 yrs) he in all likelyhood averages 140 games a year if lucky with a line closer to his career averages than to this years line. The better years more than likely being the first couple during which the Mets should still be elbows deep in the process of rebuilding.

Regarding David Wright.....

I like Dubs. He is a team first guy. He has taken the leadership and "face of the franchise" roles he has been saddled with and exhibited grace and class during a time of turmoil for this team with a locker room stripped of all its front line talent due to age, injury or trade. He has however displayed a disturbing pattern of deterioration over the past few seasons. From strikeouts to throwing errors to physical injury the David Wright of 2009, 2010, 2011 has been inferior to the Dubs of 2005, 2006, 2007. He has one year left with a Mets only option for 2013.

Regarding the Mets.....

Saddled with the horrific contracts of Johan Santana and Jason Bay as well as the fallout from the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme it is known that the team is under financial constraints for the foreseeable future. In all likelyhood by the time this team is ready to dominate, think 2014ish, we will have seen the best of both Reyes and Wright. It may be best for this team to consider letting Reyes walk and let the revamped front office and scouting department take the 2 sandwich picks in an effort to build better organizational depth for 2014. David Wright would easily bring at least an equal haul to the top flight pitching prospect we received for Carlos Beltran. With an eye to the future and infielders Wilmer Flores, Jordany Valdespin, Ruben Tejada and Reese Havens there are only so many regular spots to be had up with the big club. If Flores is indeed the best offensive prospect we have and he better projects as a 3rd baseman he'll have a place to play when the time comes. I'm not excited at the prospect of a couple of rebuilding seasons but with circumstances as they are the time for quick fixes has ended.


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