Mets Who Might Get Traded + The Future

I don't really know anything about prospects around the league and I don't have enough time to follow all the blogs and fanposts to stay up to date on opinions and hypotheticals, so I wanted to throw some questions up here to try and get myself up to speed.

I do know at this point that its pretty obvious that the Mets aren't going to make any substantial additions to the roster before the 2012 season begins. With Bautista getting signed today, that fills the swingman role Sandy mentioned, so it's possible that we dont sign anyone else at all. We're pretty much running with what we've got at this point and focusing more on rebuilding than trying to compete in an increasingly competitive NL East.

My view on the roster is kind of split. I love all the young players, but it seems the selection we have doesn't really fit our needs.

For starters, Duda is a somewhat promising player, but my gut tells me he will never be anything too special. Ike is probably the superior first basemen and hitter. So lets assume Duda does well at the plate the first half of the season and manages to not embarrass himself in right field. Do Sandy and co. try to move him? He clearly does not belong in the outfield. Seems much better suited to be a DH/1B. If he is doing well at the plate in the first half and he is moved, what kind of return would we expect on that type of player? And what type of player would be best suited to play RF for us longterm?

Next, Daniel Murphy. I love this guy. I loved watching him play all of last season, but everyone has serious doubts about his ability to play 2B every day. If he hits as well as he did last season, but is struggling at 2B, does Sandy and co. try to move him? I think he is best suited to play 3B and I'm sure there would be significant interest in him if he continues to hit the way he did last season. What kind of return could we expect for someone of his skill set? And what is the realistic type of 2B the Mets need longterm?

Mike Pelfrey. I hate him. A few years ago I was a big fan, but he is just so disappointing. He doesn't seem to care at all. I have zero faith that he will be anything more than an innings eater (yes, I know that has value in helping to not tax the bullpen, etc..) If he has even a decent first half, I PRAY that Sandy moves him for... anything. I'd take back a bag of balls in return for him. Can we ever expect to get any value in return for him? I highly doubt it.

Finally, David Wright. I think there is a very real chance he gets traded. It would break my heart, but I wouldn't be shocked. When Sandy said something along the lines of "don't worry about losing Reyes and Wright in the same year...", that indicated to me that while he wouldn't lose them both so close together, he has little reservation of moving him later. Being that his contract is about to expire, even if he has a huge bounce back year, it seems like that is really going to reduce the return we could get for him at the deadline. If he gets back to near his career best numbers, with his expiring contract being considered, what kind of return could we expect for David? What type of 3B do the Mets need long term?

I asked that same question for each player- What kind of player do the Mets need long term for RF/2B/3B? What I mean when I ask that-- what type of player do you THINK Sandy and co. would want to fill that spot with? I'm not exactly sure what type of team they're trying to build yet. Of course I've read Moneyball and know about Sandy's "chicks love the longball" attitude, but I'm not exactly sure how his philosophy is translating to the Mets. Over the past few seasons, during the Omar years, we were very focused on speed, but obviously that is going the way of the buffalo. So what type of team does the front office intend to have a few seasons from now when the rebuilding process starts to show up on the field at the major league level? I'm fully aware of the solid pitching prospects we have and the intentions for the future rotation seems fairly clear, but its hard to tell what type of defensive and offensive team is going to be on field a year or two from now.

If those pitching prospects are filling up the rotation in 2013 and it looks like theres a decent shot at contention, do we go out and get a young center fielder? Is Sandy going to try and be a home run slugging team?

Very interested in hearing everyones opinions. Most of what I read is about how pathetic everything is now and how we have to wait for 2013-2014 for when pitching prospects are ready to take over, but I never see much about what the rest of the team might look like at that point.

Apologies if these kinds of discussions have already gone on, but like I said, I just don't have the time to follow all the blogs, so I hope the community here can help me get up to speed.

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