R.A. Stands For "Really Awesome" Applesauce: Dickey Reaches the Summit of Kilimanjaro, David Wright's Vegas Night

Meet the Mets

Well, everyone: HE DID IT! Robert Allen Dickey and crew reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro yesterday. As usual, his description of the latest part of the journey is top notch, but the one thing I found interesting in it was that one of the porters climbing the mountain is named "Timo". So I guess that's where Timo Perez has been all these years!

David Wright had his second annual Vegas Night on Friday night and answered some questions about his offseason training, his thoughts on the team and what he thinks his legacy is. TRAID.

MLB.com has a two and a half minute video interview with Mets' top prospect Matt Harvey, in which he talks about his 2011 season, the ups and downs of Double A and the experience of closing out last year's Futures Game. Meanwhile, Seedlings to Stars posted the NL East edition of their Top 100 Prospect Snubs and the Mets had a pair of prospects who barely missed out on making it.

Over at the Daily News, they took a look at the 1962 Mets in order to see the similarities between today's squad. I realize that some people like to be overly dramatic, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Mets will not be losing 100 games in 2012, let alone anywhere close to 120.

In case you haven't heard about this, Hofstra University will be holding a three-day conference to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mets in late April. There will be presentations about the team's history and some current and former members of the organization will be in attendance.

Around the Majors

Adam Wainwright looks to be on track to return from the Tommy John surgery that cost him the entire 2011 season.

With news that the Rangers met with Prince Fielder coming out yesterday, the Nationals also continue to stay in the running, though they say that they will not give the first baseman a 10 year deal like Albert Pujols got.

The Red Sox say that they're not worried about the Yankees' Friday night moves. Hate to say it but I think they should be.

Dave Cameron tried to debunk some talking points regarding Michael Pineda by looking further into his lefty/righty splits.

Finally, the Phillies agreed to a $3.6 million deal with righty Kyle Kendrick to avoid arbitration. It's not a particularly noteworthy announcement but it's still a good chunk of money for a guy who's basically a replacement level swingman. So, in essence: LOL. Hey, don't judge me. I've got to laugh at something these days.

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