This is my first post on this site

I'm a big time football fan, and long time basketball fan. I watched the Mets from the mid 80's until about 2005 and I gradually stopped watching. I started watching again during this past year while the NFL and NBA were on strike. I always have a love for the Mets despite their inept owners. I have a couple of questions of you other fans, because I know you will have more insight into a team you love, than a beat writer that has a moderate love of the Mets.

My memories range from good. The 86/87 Mets who had my all time favorite players Darrell Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Mookie Wilson, Lenny Dykstra. Then We got to the 90's and I still watched guys like Al Leighter and Bobby Bonnilla. I really thought that Bobby was going to pan out, and he was just as good as Barry Bonds...

Anyway, my love of the Mets started to fade when they started to pick up players like Mike Piazza and Kenny Rodgers. By the time they signed Jason Bey, I was decided that this team was going the way of the Dodo. Either they wanted to be lost to evolution in a sea of mediocrity and free agency blunders.

Here's the thing. I am starting to get that old love of the Mets back. This is the reason. They are back to ground zero. Back to being cellar dwellers that will have to build from the ground up. I have always been one to respect building through draft and farm system over signing a guy that's 29 and had 1 or 2 good seasons. Below I'll address some questions I've had for a long while that I hope you experienced baseball guys know.

Jose Reyes was signed by the Marlins. He's been the face of the Mets despite David Wright being the backbone in my opinion. Assuming the Mets were going to re-sign him for 100+million over a couple of seasons, where is that money going now? Is there now 10 million in cap space a year they were planning on giving to Jose that's sitting out there for free agents?

Dan Murphy. I always thought he was a great hitter. It always seems like he's around .300 batting average, but he gets played at 2nd base, 1st base, I think I've even seen him at outfielder. He just got re-signed. What will be his every day spot? If it's 2nd base, will it be in a rotation, or can I expect him there for 140+ games?

Lucas Duda and Ike Davis. Both have played 1st base, but Duda was playing left field last year. I like both of those guys and I hope they continue to grow with this team. Is there any other position Ike can play besides 1st base?

If Carlos Beltran is gone who are the every day outfield for the Mets? Jason Bay moves to right field I'm guessing because Lucas Duda will play left. Who is the center fielder, because Pagan is gone as well.

What's the pitching rotation? I like Johan Santana coming back as the Ace. After him everyone else was vanilla. I like Dillon Gee, but outside of him who are the other 3 guys. Gee seems like a 3 or 4 pitcher in a rotation. What pitchers are out there that are reasonably priced? I like Mike Pelfrey and Jonothan Niece, but neither of them are overpowering. They could be a 4.9 ERA just as easily as a 3.2 ERA. Is there anyone that could provide veteran leadership and a low ERA? With this pitching staff I don't see a lot of dominating pitching performances, and winning will be on the bullpen and a good offense.

I heard John Rauch is replacing K Rod as the closer. What is his story, and what do you expect out of him?

Who is coming up from Triple A to play in the Majors? How does the Mets farm system compare to the other MLB baseball teams?

Lastly. I've never been impressed with Justin Turner. Am I alone on that one?

All in all, I don't see the Mets having a good year. Maybe a 80 win year at best, but I don't even see that happening. Good pitching always trumps good hitting. The Mets are average pitching unless the young guys can step up, and hitting they may be a little above average. I also don't think there's a lot of home runs coming from this group.

If you guys can help me out with my 101 questions I'd appreciate it.

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