My offseason plan

I've seen a few of these, so I thought I would take a shot at it.

I'm not gonna stab at the Dickey(5mil) and Wright(16 mil) extensions, but I will start with both of their options being picked up.


Jason Bay, Juerys Familia, Jordany Valdespin and 19 million to the Colorado Rockies for Dexter Fowler. Gives Rockies two nice near MLB ready prospects and a player who needs a change of home, with his salary covered, unless he hits his place appearance quota (which he only hits if hes preforming) and enough for his buyout if he isn't. They can move Cargo back to center, Bay to left. Fowler has seen Cargo and Tulo get nice contracts and will be bugging the Rockies for one as he recently changed agents. Something we can put off for a season and meet his arbitration around 4 mil. We can create space for this by nontendering Torres.

Daniel Murhpy for Matt Thornton. Gives White Sox either and upgrade at second or a replacement to Youk at third.


Jon Rauch to a similiar contract 1 yr 3 mil

Ronny Cedeno 1 yr 2 mil

Scott Hairston 1 yr 3 mil

Kelly Shoppach 2 yr 4 mil


Joel Peralta 1 yr 3 mil- 2yr 5 mil

Ryan Ludwick (option 1) 2 yr 11 mil

Rick Ankiel (option 2) 1 yr 1 mil


Johan Santana - RA Dickey - Jon Neise - Dillion Gee- Matt Harvey

Frank Francisco-Jon Rauch- Matt Thornton- Bobby Parnell -Josh Edgin- Joel Peralta - Elvin Ramirez

Dexter Fowler- Ruben Tejeda- David Wright- Ike Davis- Lucas Duda- Kelly Shoppach- Ronny Cedeno - Ryan Ludwick(Rick Ankiel)

Josh Thole-Justin Turner-Scott Hairston - Mike Baxter - Josh Satin

Payroll- 105-110 milI know its a tad over the projected payroll, but Sandy gets away with it for moving Jason Bay and replacing him with value.

Plan - If you have Ludwick, sit Duda against tough lefties and play Hairston, if you sign Ankiel sit him against any lefty and play Hairston in right. Let Cedeno man second till mid season, bring up Wilmer Flores if hes healthy and at least playing average in the minors. Do not split match up Shoppach and Thole, simply use them as starter and backup. Hope for Peralta to add some experience to Parnell and Elvin, while hope for a identical years out of Thornton and Rauch, maybe even use either to close. Since Harvey will hit new innings monitor scrap starters around deadline just incase you need to shut him down late August. Keep Santana on a strict pitch count but let him pitch every 5 days.

Record 78-84 as another hot start fades late in the season.

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