Mets Morning News: There is No Mets Morning News

Leon Halip - Getty Images

A quiet day for Mets news, but plenty of playoff baseball to cover, including a homage to Bobby Jones.

Meet the Mets

Uh, not much to report today on the Mets news front, but hey, just thrity-six days until the NL Cy Young winner is announced. Praise Dickey!

Land of Hope and Screwed Up Home Field Advantage Dreams

All the NLDS participants were in action in a long and sometimes wild Sunday of baseball action. Who needs the NFL?

Doug Fister and Tom Milone both delivered solid starts for their respective teams, so it turned into a battle of bullpens in Detroit. The A's pen couldn't hold a 4-3 lead, and Don Kelly's sacrifice fly in the ninth gave Detroit a 5-4 win and a 2-0 series lead. The A's, who were six games better than the Tigers in a tougher division, finally get a home game on Tuesday. Nice job, Bud.

Speaking of bad bullpens, the O's hung tight with the Yankees until the ninth inning. Closer Jim Johnson was good for 51 saves this season, but Baltimore found out the hard way what happens when you have a relief ace that strikes out less than 6 per 9. Sometimes those balls find holes. The Yankees tagged him for five runs in the ninth and took a 1-0 lead in the series.

Gio Gonzalez walked seven batters in five innings, but the Cardinals could only cash in for two runs. A two-run single from Tyler Moore was the difference here as the Nationals won 3-2.

Bronson Arroyo did his best Bobby Jones impression, one-hitting the Giants over seven innings as the Reds took a commanding 2-0 lead in their series with San Francisco. Ryan Vogelsong will attempt to keep his team alive as the series heads back to Cincinatti.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan looked back at the Mets sweep of the Dodgers in 2006. *wistful sigh*

Around MLB

Jim Tracy resigned as manager of the Rockies, shortly after being named manager-for-life. Funny how that works. And Terry Francona was named manager of the Indians. How many Popeye's are there in the Greater Cleveland area? Asking for a friend.

And Beyond the Box Score reminds you that K% is a better metric for identifying strikeout pitchers than K/9.

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