AAOP: Ya Gotta Believe!!

The goal of my AAOP is to try and solve 4 immediate needs without hurting the Mets long-term prospects. Also just a disclaimer, I am too lazy to add pictures. Sorry.

Goal #1- Improve the catcher position.

Goal #2- Improve the Bullpen.

Goal #3- Improve both the offensive production and defense of the outfield. I believe it will help our young pitching that’s coming up to know that they don’t have to be perfect; they have a good defensive team behind them.

Goal #4- Create a more balanced line up. This one was a bit troublesome. There were some free agents that I decided not to pursue simply because of their splits (for example AJ Pierzynski). Likewise some outfields, like Shin Soo Choo, were avoided because of their splits.

Lets get the extensions out of the way first. I would tear up his option and sign Dickey for 3 years 30 million. The first year would be at the same price as the option (5 million), the preceding years would be at 12.5 million. As for David I would sign him for, at max, 8 years and 16 millon per year.

I would then offer contracts to Thole, Murphy, Parnell, and Ike. Using MLBTR estimates that comes to 8.5 million.


Then I would be to sign Russel Martin for 2 years and 12 million dollars. Some people may thing that Martin’s power was the result of Yankee’s stadium, and to some degree that is correct. But Martin still hit 8 homeruns on the road in under 250 plate appearances. If you gave him a full season on the road, or outside Yankees stadium, he would hit around 15 home runs. Also using a plot of where his homerun’s landed and Citi Field’s dimensions he would have only lost 7 homeruns, which would still put him near 15 for the year. Of course this assumes that he played all his games at Citi but I believe it still sheds some light on his potential production.

Russel Martin's 2012 Home Runs (your going to have to select Citi field on the drop down menu)

On a positive note, despite Martin’s low average he still walked in 10.9% of his plate appearances. Also, his BABIP the last 2 years has been .252 and .222, which is much lower than the big league norm, and his career average of .286. There is the possibility his BABIP will rise, and thus his average will rise. All in all I expect less power from him than last year but a higher average. Thole would be his platoon partner playing about 60% of games against lefties and when RA starts.


Moving on to the bullpen, I would start by non-tendering Pelfrey and then trying to sign him to a minor league contract to compete for a spot in the pen during spring training. I would also offer a minor league deal to Erik Berdard to compete with Carson and Edgin as one of the 2 lefty specialists. I would also look into signing Joakim Soria or Ryan Madson to a 1 year 4 million dollar deal. The reason this would be appealing is they will probably be the closer, which is an opportunity many other teams probably won't offer them. Then I would sign Japanese Pitcher Kyuji Fujikawa for 1 year and 3 million with a club option for 2014 at 5 million. Finally I would sign Jason Grilli for 2 years 12 million, if he doesn’t sign for that I would make the same offer to Sean Burnett.


Moving on to the outfield trades start happening. First though we will sign Ludwick for 2 years and 14 mil. Ludwick is a slightly below average defender, but he has a higher wRC+ against lefties than righties. In addition, he adds power to the lineup having slugged 26 home runs in under 500 plate appearances. His wRC+ away from the Great American Ballpark is 127. Then I would sign Hairston for 2 years and 8. He seems comfortable here, and he would have a starting job something he is looking for. Finally we will trade for Denard Span. I’m not sure if this is enough but I would offer Familia or Mejia and Montero and Captain Kirk. If more is needed you can throw in Hefner, McCugh, or throw in one of the pitchers in Brooklyn. Span is a lefty, but for his career has hit lefties better than righties. In addition, Span is a great defensive center fielder. So overall, the outfield has received an injection of power and Ludwick slightly below average, and Span is well above average. So overall the outfields defense would be above average. Finally, the lineup has been balanced out.


C- Russel Martin-6 Million

1B- Ike Davis- 2.8 Million

2B- Daniel Murphy-3 Million

SS-Ruben Tejada- .5 Million

3B- David Wright-16 Million

LF- Ryan Ludwick- 7 Million

CF- Denard Span-4.75 Million

RF- Scott Hairston- 4 Million


Duda-.5 Million

Baxter/Kirk-.5 Million

Turner-.5 Million

Thole-1.2 Million

Valdespin- .5 Million


RA Dickey- 5 Million

Johan Santana- 25.5 Million

Jon Niese- 3.05 Million

Dillon Gee- .5 Million

Matt Harvey- .5 Million


Kyuji Fujikawa- 3 Million

Frank Francisco- 6.5 Million

Bobby Parnell-1.5 Million

Josh Edgin- .5 Million

Berdard/Carson- .5 Million

Soria/Madson- 4 Million

Grilli/Burnett- 6 Million


Bay 6 Million

Overall Payroll 108.8 Million

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