AAOP: The Underdogs

This past season, although disappointing , taught me many things about this team. WE HAVE POTENTIAL. We have many players who I think are underrated and still YOUNG. We should build around those players and infuse more young(cheap) talent around them. With starting being are position of the most depth(although you can never have enough pitching) we should switch some pieces around.Unlike many other AAOPs, I believe mine is more realistic. Here's how it goes:

Trade Jon Niese and Jenry Meijia to the Rockies for Eric Young, Jr and Jordan Pacheco

Why? : With the pitching mess in Colorado, I'm sure Niese and Meijia would be attractive to a team with positional players to spare. Niese gives them a solid, proven , and cheap starter and Meijia gives them a guy with potential who could just end up in the pen. We on the other hand receive to very versatile players. EYJ has been spending time in the outfield where he is still a work in progress but his offensive potential is nothing to sneeze at. Last year he hit .316 with a .377 obp and 14 stolen bases in 174 Abs in what seemed to be a breakout season for the young New Jersey native. He could fill the lead off role and be the spark plug this team desperately needs. Pachecho who would be plugged in ac backstop put up a .309 average with an.341 obp in 475 Abs. Pacheco gives us a solid right handed catcher with solid offensive production and passable defensive. Both batters would also help balance the very heavy left handed Mets lineup.

Sign David Wright to an extension of 7 years 120 million. He's our leader and the face of the team. No brainer.

Sign Dickey to an extension of 2 years 18 million with an option for a third year. Dickey has claimed that he wants to stay a Met and why not? He's given us 3 solid seasons and along with David , gives us another face.

Sign Jonny Gomes to a 2 year 10 million contact. He gives us a basically the same as Hairston but I think he's more capable of playing everyday with his higher obp. He's also a great guy to have in the clubhouse.

Sign RHP Matt Lindstrom to a 2 year 8 million contract.

Sign LHP Sean Burnett 2 years 8 million contract.

Sign Ronny Cedeno 1 year 2 million contract.

Sign Dallas Braden to a 1 year 1 million contract with incentives.

Minor League Signings:

Cedric Hunter

Alfredo Amezega

Conor Jackson

Fernando Abad

So this is how it all looks:

C- Pacheco

1b- Davis

2b- Murphy

SS- Tejada

3b- Wright

LF- Duda

CF- Young

RF- Gomes/ Kirk


Valdespin, Cedeno, Thole, Baxter, Turner














Midseason call ups:

Wheeler, Puello, Flores, and Familia.

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