AAOP- From Joel Adewunmi

Hello! I am eager to give you my offseason plan. I have read this board for two years but never had the courage to write before. My first Met game was in 2007, shortly after i came to the United States. Very exciting. Then, I was fortunate enough to get a job driving at night, so I get to listen to every game. I know it sounds childish, but even if they lose I am so happy being in America with a great job listening to them. I work in the Bronx, so sometimes, a customer will say tun off the Mets and put on the yankees. I tell them, if I put on the Yankees next thing I do is crash into a tree and kill us both. LOL. The football Giants are my second favorite organization.

Although the playoff chase escaped from our grasp this year, I have a few ideas on how we can change this. I understand that the Mets do not have extra payroll. Times are very tough for us all. I hope my plan helps your website prosper and well as helping the Mets get many more fans. It is broken into 2 parts: Leadership and Training.

What I noticed this year and last year is that there are not many veterans on the team. The winning teams I remember had great veteran leadership from Cora, Tatis, Sheffield, and Glavine. Now you say, but Joel, how can they afford these veteran leaders when they do not have any money? This is my plan. Although I respect Terry Collins very much, the record has not been that good the last 2 years. So, you replace him and three other coaches with Cora, Tatis, and Sheffield, and Glavine. That way, you are paying for 3 expensive players, yes, but you are also getting excellent managing as well, so you SAVE money because you dont have to pay BOTH mangers and coaches.
The great part about this, is that all the players have different specialties. Glavine can teach pitching. Tatis clutch hitting. Sheffield can teach homerun hitting, and Cora can teach defense and leadership. Now, to make sure there is maximum benefit from these coaches, here is my plan for who will room with who on road trips.

Room assignments:
It makes sense that galvine will room with the pitchers on road trips. The other assignments below should maximize the young players excellence:
Monday: sheffield/baxter cora/duda tatis/thole
Tuesday: sheffield/murphy cora/torres Tatis/ wright
Wed: sheffiel/ cora(coaches meeting) Tatis/ davis
Thurs: tatis/gavine( coaches meeting ) sheffield/ tejada cora/ murphy
Fri: Harriston/cora sheffield, Tatis night off
Sat: cora, galvine night off sheffield/ cedeno tatis/ newirnhuis
Sun off for religion

TRAINING: Its no surprise we always play better in the first half than in the second half. There is an easy answer for this. Training! Just train harder, and they will play better the whole year. As a bonus, I have added a training program for you kids as well, along with my own off-season goals.

Offseason Training: Below is a training program for Mets Players
200 push ups daily
100 sit ups daily
30 pull ups daily
10 kilometer run daily
No smoking
Daily prayer
Alcoholic beverages no more than 3 per week
6 hours sleep

Plenty of fluids

Wear glasses when not playing

OffseasonTraining For Amazin Avenue Met Fans
20 push ups daily
10 sit ups daily
3 kilomter run daily
One social event per month( church event, clambake, holiday party)
Limit swearing
Plenty of fluids
Buy one piece of Mets clothing
Appropriate levels of intercourse
Act more like a man, stop acting effeminate.

Offseason Training For Myself
50 push ups daily
25 sit ups daily
5 kilomter run
Be nicer to customers in my car
Wear one piece of Mets clothing per day
Limit smoking
Limit swearing
One email per week to my children
Plenty of fluids

Thank you for your time. Hopefully, when our Mets win the World Series we can celebrate and thank each other. God Bless you and your family on this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Joel Adewunmi

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