EDIT: A bit late on this one, but please comment, even if its just for funzies.

Following Sandy Alderson's proposed theme of TRAIDing for the off-season, my plan consists mainly of TRAIDS with only one somewhat major free agent signing, and I think does a great job of shoring up our outfield situation with a few added bonuses, allowing us to compete in 2013 and beyond.


Extend Wright. 6 Extra years and $120 million extra after option

Extend Dickey. 3 years $40 million after option year.

Tender Andres Torres a contract

Non-Tender Mike Pelfrey


Three way TRAID!

Mets get Andy Dirks, OF, Nolan Reimold, OF, Andy Oliver, LHP

Orioles get: Daniel Murphy, 2B

Tigers get: Jake Arrieta, RHP, Elvin Ramirez, RHP

While the Mets lose Murph, they gain two outfielders who are offensively capable of being above-average left fielders, and who have limited service time so they can be affordable in the long-run. Oliver provides a nice gamble in the deal, as perhaps a change of scenery would allow him to be a productive pitcher. The Tigers immediately gain some bullpen depth to make up for the loss of Valverde, with two talented righties who in the bullpen could make a big impact in years to come, and still have 5 MLB caliber outfielders on their roster. The Orioles lose Reimold, who they plan to replace with a free agent this off-season, and Arrieta, one of 4 young starters competing for the final spot in their rotation, but gain a potential solution to their 2B hole, and a player that can also fill in at 3B or 1B if necessary.


TRAID Jon Niese, Wilmer Flores, Kirk Nieuwenhuis & Wilfredo Tovar to the D'Backs for Justin Upton

As it turns out, this deal is quite similar to Bobby Baseball's. It gives the D'Backs some security in a good pitcher like Niese, potential replacements in RF in Nieuwenhuis and Flores (who could also potentially step in for a struggling Chris Johnson) and Tovar, who could add some nice MI depth in the near future.


TRAID Lucas Duda to the Rays for Ryan Roberts and Cesar Ramos

Roberts would immediately become a favorite to start at 2B for the Mets, and Duda at 1B for the Rays. Roberts' defense at 2B is above average and if his bat come around he could be quite the good buy-low acquisition. Because Duda is younger and the Rays need for offense is stronger, I think the Mets have leverage to ask for Ramos in a deal as well.


Sign Joel Peralta to one-year deal worth $2 million.

Sign Shaun Marcum to 2 year $16 million deal with third year team option of $10 million with $1.5 million buyout.

Sign Kelly Shoppach to one-year deal worth $3 million.



R.A. Dickey $5 million

Matt Harvey $500,000

Shaun Marcum $8 million

Dillon Gee $500,000

Johan Santana $25.5 million


Frank Francisco $5.5 million

Joel Peralta $2 million

Josh Edgin $500,000

Bobby Parnell $1.5 million

Jeremy Hefner $500,000

Cesar Ramos $500,000

Collin McHugh $500,000


Josh Thole $500,000

Kelly Shoppach $3 million


Ike Davis ~$3 million.

Ryan Roberts ~$3 million

David Wright $16 million

Ruben Tejada $500,000

Justin Turner $500,000

Jordany Valdespin $500,000


Justin Upton $9.75 million

Nolan Reimold $500,000

Andy Dirks $500,000

Andres Torres ~$3 million

Mike Baxter $500,000

If my math is correct, including obligations this would bring the payroll to ~$107 million. Our team's defense will be much stronger, our outfield more productive, and every man on the roster will be compete to be more than just a bench piece. Roberts, Valdespin and Turner will fight for reps at 2B. In left, Baxter, Dirks and Reimold, and in center, Valdespin and Torres will all prove to be useful in the long run.


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