Wil Myers for Jon Niese?


Just reading a very interesting article by Jeff Passan on Yahoo! Sports. Passan believes that the Royals top prospect, Wil Myers is available for a good front of the rotation pitcher, could Jonathan Niese be that pitcher?

First, who is Wil Myers; "Myers, a 6-foot-3, 200-pound right-handed hitter who last year played mostly center field and third base but profiles best as a right fielder. He hit .314 with 37 home runs and slugged .600 between Double-A and Triple-A." Myers AAA stats in Omaha .304 / .378 / .554 and a nice .932 OPS.

Baseball America awarded Myers as their Minor League (MiLB) player of the year while John Sickels ranks Myers as the #3 prospect in all of baseball. It is not hard to see why Sickels is so high on the kid, he has an amazing bat, awesome power and a good glove.

Passan mentions that CF is a "buyers market" this off season with "Michael Bourn, B.J. Upton, Angel Pagan and Shane Victorino in free agency, plus Curtis Granderson" all being available on the open market. So is it worth trading for Myers? My opinion is YES, yes it is worthwhile. Myers will be 22 yo next season and possibly ready for the majors after the ASB. The Mets would have a 22yo potential superstar in their outfield for at least 5 years.

Will KC trade Myers for Niese? Yes, I do believe they will they want a front of the rotation pitcher, Niese is that. Is Niese too much for Myers? Perhaps, but if I, as a Mets fan think we are giving too much up then it probably means the deal is fair. Will this deal help us win this year? No, and in fact this deal would probably hurt the Mets this year by taking away our #2 starter. Will this deal help us in the near future? Obviously, this kid could be as good as Mike (pfft, Giancarlo) Stanton if his development continues and I cannot find a single word written that makes me think he is not going to be a big time hitter.

Update from Bob Dutton, The Kansas City Star, November 27th "Is outfield prospect Wil Myers worth a veteran pitcher who would instantly go to the front of the Royals’ rotation, such as Tampa Bay’s James Shields or Boston’s Jon Lester? If so, how will the club clear sufficient payroll space to stay within its soft $70 million ceiling?"

The Royals seem to be looking around for a front of the rotation pitcher and Niese is cheaper than Shields or Lester, is coming off a much better season than Lester and has a sweet ass long term, team friendly contract which Shields is lacking.

Read more here:

Update Dec 2nd. From Jayson Stark ESPN. "And, if they do, should they deal him for an equivalent young high-end starter they can control for years?

That's a question they need to answer themselves -- and soon. But an exec of one club predicts that, ultimately, they're going to "use Wil Myers as a chip to dramatically improve their starting pitching. They know they can't get in on Greinke. And they feel like they have a shot to win that division if they get the right guy. So I think they pull the trigger."

It looks more and more like Myers is on the trade block.

So would you do this deal?

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