A Not Necessarily Reasonable, but Entertaining Series of Trades

Whats up y'all. I'm a long time lurker, occasional song parody-er, sometimes Knicks tormenter, and current law school student. I know, you didn't ask for my life story. Well neither did I. Lawyered. So I'm entering finals season and coming off of back to back nights with little/no sleep all I feel like doing is talking/reading about baseball. I feel like this time of year is when everyone has just gotten over the hump of the playoffs and is ready for a break from it, but I find myself more invested than usual. It's almost like I think that I didn't fully appreciate the season while it was here and now that it's gone, I just want it back. Anyway, if I were playing MVP 2005 with current roster updates (why MVP '05? It's the last good baseball video game made for xbox. How I wish I could play the show) here are some things that I would probably do out of boredom with the current team.

I am not saying that this would make our team better, nor am I saying that the opposing teams would accept these deals. But if I had to go into "force trade" in options and say that it was close enough, I could in MVP. So shut your yap.

Trade #1:
Trade Jon Niese, Michael Fulmer, Wilfredo Tovar, and Jefry Marte for Justin Upton.

A slight variation on the Bobby Baseball deal that had Flores instead of Fulmer. Suck it D-Backs. This is my world. You're lucky I didn't take Niese out of the deal.

Trade #2
Trade Matt Harvey for Wil Myers

"Bootstrap Bill" Myers may not turn out to be the superstar he can become in real life, but if I'm unhappy with his offseason progression in a video game, I can just shut it off and re-sim the offseason. Sweet huh?

Trade #3
Trade Zach Wheeler, Wilmer Flores, and Henry Mehia, and Heurys Famillia for Giancarlo Stanton

Marlins, look, Giancarlo Stanton want's out. Even in a video game. You drafted the kid and didn't even know his name. Give the man what he wants and let him come to the cavernous Citi Field so he can smack said caverns in the face.

I know. Our rotation is bleak. Dickey, Gee, ????, ?????, Steve Trachsel (Don't call it a comeback. Or conversely, call it a comeback since that's what it would be). But at the end of the day I am not going to play all 162 games in the season. I will play the Dickey ones and have a ball hitting with that sick silly lineup. Also I'm not sure which outfielder would play which position, but in video games that doesn't matter that much (played D-Wright at catcher in MLB 2K6, not a big deal). I strongly debated keeping Harvey instead of Dickey, but I just couldn't trade Dickey. Literally. I tried to type his name and my computer refused.

So that's that. Thank you for indulging me. Now to get back to outlining for hours on end.

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