Report: Mets Will Lose Double-A Binghamton Club (UPDATE)

According to a report from the Ottawa Citizen, the Double-A Binghamton Mets' next season as an affiliate of the New York Mets will also be their last.

That is because Beacon Sports Capital Partners will be buying the club and moving them to Ottawa following the 2012 season. Since the club's partnership with the Mets conveniently ends after 2012, the Mets will almost definitely be looking for an alternative for 2013 (and beyond) that isn't quite so far from the New York market. Early rumors tab New Britain -- currently a Twins affiliate -- as the current favorite.

Also, as the new Ottawa franchise is expected to partner with Toronto, some expect a larger shake-up in the Double-A Eastern League. With the current Blue Jays affiliate in New Hampshire theoretically vacated, the Twins could move right in, leaving New Britain open for the Mets.

In terms of the city of Binghamton and NYSEG Stadium, the rumor mill continues to churn that affiliated baseball will indeed continue in the Parlor City. However, not on the Double-A level. The prevailing thought is that the Cardinals will move their short season-A NYPL affiliate -- currently in distant Batavia, NY -- down to Binghamton.

Selfishly, I must admit that I'm a little bit pleased about this news. As a self-serving resident of Danbury, New Britain would be under an hour whereas we've never made it to Bingo in under three. Still, it's sort of a sad development as the B-Mets have been a Mets affiliate since way back in 1992, meaning they've been one of the few constants for me as I learned to embrace the minor leagues. But I guess it's the natural cleansing that pretty much every club -- and their numerous affiliates -- must go through from time to time.

So on that note, go buy the tie-dyed hoodie; it will soon be a collectible!



Hold on. Maybe not. From the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin website:

"Binghamton Mets president Michael Urda angrily shot down reports that the B-Mets are being sold and relocated to Ottawa, saying "Enough's enough."

"There's 12 teams in the Eastern League and we have to address it every single week," said Urda of relocation rumors. "It's just conjecture."

Apparently it seems that 'sources close to the situation' have screwed us again.

Obviously either side could be bald-faced lying right now but someone is moving to Ottawa; and honestly the Ottawa Citizen story really makes it sound like it's the B-Mets. However, I guess there is now the possibility that maybe it's a different Eastern League club on their way north, and the B-Mets stay put...? Stay tuned.

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