Good Seats Are Still Available Applesauce: Tickets on sale, Sandy on twitter, Nerds on television

One week until baseball things!

Meet the Mets

If the prospect of a 70 win season hasn't scared you off, (or made you send torrents of hate tweets to @Mets GM) single game tickets and flex packs will be on sale soon. The flex packs start tomorrow, and single game tickets will be available Mrch 5th (or on stubhub during the season at half price). But you shouldn't count on cheap tix being available, because the Mets think they can be competitive. Meaningful games in September August July? Actually, I secretly think the Mets are going to be not so bad this year, maybe even above .500. Then again, it is February, the best time to have such thoughts.

Like me, Ted Berg is intrigued by Mets pitching prospect Akeel Morris. He's my best bet to rocket up prospect lists this season. I think he could be a Top 100 type with a good season at Savannah.

More prospect talk as Toby Hyde embraces controversey by ranking Josh Edgin as the 19th best prospect in the Mets system. In fairness, Toby has raved about Edgin all year, but to me this is way too high for a 25 year old reliever that hasn't even sniffed the Eastern League yet.

Did @MetsGM tweet something? You bet.

Will have to drive carefully on trip; Mets only reimburse for gas at a downhill rate. Will try to coast all the way to FL.

Sandy Alderson is the best thing to happen to the internet since pornography. Bonus points for proper use of semicolon.

Around MLB

The Yankees and Pirates continue to haggle over A.J. Burnett. I assume this gets done eventually after the Yankees eat a bit more money than they want to. I do think AJ Burnett could be an above average starter in the NL Central. Beyond the Boxscore disagrees with me, though.

Richard Justice states the obvious. Keep cashing those paychecks, baby!

Joe Sheehan and Craig Calcaterra had a NERD FIGHT on NBC. Those are some swanky glasses, Craig.

Justin Smoak is, wait for it...ITBSOHL! All because he gave up burritos. (I don't care what Drew Silva says. This is clearly a ITBSOHL story) Somewhere, Ted Berg weeps. And eats another burrito.

Evan Longoria is probably not ITBSOHL as he had some minor foot surgery in the offseason.

The Rangers have no more money after signing Mike Napoli. So don't bother asking for 20 bucks to go to the movies this weekend. Money doesn't grow on trees you know, nor are they made of money.

Former Mets farmhand Mike Carp was good friends with murdered teammate Greg Halman and has come up with an interesting tribute to his friend.

And now, Your Mets Highlight of the Day to Tide You Over Until Spring Training: Ike Davis Walks Off

That is some mighty nice plus power Ike, mighty nice.

And Your Non-Baseball Link of the Day: David Chang on Sports

My obsession with the scion of the Momofuku food empire continues, courtesy of this The Classical interview. Bonus points for referring to the Washington basketball franchise as the Bullets.

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