Almost Spring Training Applesauce: Wright Speaks About His Future, Gee Stands Out

We're down to the last few days before pitchers and catchers officially report to St. Lucie so naturally it's time for the Mets to start trending on Twitter. Daily. Seriously.

David Wright was talking to the media yesterday, and the topic of his contract came up. Much like the speculation surrounding Jose Reyes last season I'm sure this won't be ending until the July 31st trade deadline passes (and maybe not even then).

Mike Baxter may not be on the 40 man roster anymore, but he's still excited to be a Met. While it may have quite a bit to do with growing up locally, I'd imagine the less than imposing Jason Bay being penciled in as a regular starter with an impending vest of doom probably doesn't hurt his belief that he could contribute here. Hopefully he does.

Dillon Gee is just so ordinary, or at least he was. Now he's got some interesting facial hair to at least distinguish himself from the rest of the back of the rotation fodder.

The New Yorker has a little piece up about the Mets. If nothing else, it does a nice job of recapping some of the funnier Mets one liners of the offseason.

Toby Hyde continued his top prospects list with #15 Aderlin Rodriguez. Hopefully we see a little more contact from Rodriguez this season, if we do he could skyrocket up the prospect rankings.

Around the majors:

FanGraphs took a look at park factors and ERA estimators, and for those of you into that sort of thing it's certainly worth a read. Those of you who enjoyed that will likely be involved in more saber oriented fantasy leagues, and if that's the case you should probably check out this article over at BtB.

It looks like Bud Selig will be handing out a spanking (of sorts) to the Orioles for their pursuit of Korean prospect Seong-Min Kim. Kim will reportedly have his contract with the club voided and there is no word of yet about any additional penalties which the Orioles could be facing.

Cuban prospect Jorge Soler has been making the rounds and visiting teams recently. While he visited the Jays recently, the Yankees and Phillies still seem to be the two teams most heavily connected to the young Cuban.

Finally for today, FanGraphs takes a look at some players who are out of options and might be available in the next few weeks. The Mets will probably be on the lookout for outfielders in this mold as opening day approaches, so it's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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