Question of the Day: Who do you want to see bounce back

Seeing as were just about to start spring training, I wanted to know which player you want to see bounce back or have a career year. Obviously after the last few years, there's a list of players which could bounce back, and there's more than a few I'd love to see have career years and really step it up in 2012. After the jump, a few players I'd like to see bounce back and have career years and a poll.

The bounce backers:

Let's start on the mound:

Johan Santana- If he gives us 200+ innings or more than 12 wins I will be shocked, but imagine he returns to his dominant ace three years ago? Maybe he would become the mentor as the big three pitchers in the minor leagues move up. Either or would make a great story in 2012. Personally anything over 10 wins would be asking a lot but that's what you can hope for.

Mike Pelfrey- Maybe he could put it all together? Or more importantly, can he make himself a good trading chip? After the last few years, he's shown he can come back after miserable years. Maybe he continues this streak or maybe he doesn't either way, he's a bounce back candidate after last years struggles.

On the field:

Jay Bay: Yeah, we can all dream that he finally lives up to a portion of his contract. With the new wall, I think he could break out, especially now that he's a year past HOJO telling him to swing at everything. Still, he's been a downright laughable signing since joining the >ets. If there's anyone that needs a bounce back year, it's him who still plays hard and runs everything out. He's one of the few Mets FA who I still root for even though he sucks. Anything above .250 and 18 HR would be a win.

David WRONGZ Wright- Will we ever see the Wright before he got plunked in the head? Will he ever be a good fielder at third again? Is he a superstar or just a good player? Wright has so many question marks and is the face of the franchise after a shortstop bolted for Miami. Another player who needs a bounce back year. A bounce back year would be a return to a 25/100 player who hits 275-300. Certainly possible, but recently hasn't done anything to show he can do it again.


Here's a list of guys I'd love to see have a career year and aren't truly bounce back players:

Ike- I put him here for one reason instead of bounce back, it was a freak injury and he wasn't struggling last year. If he puts up those numbers like he did in his brief 2011 campaign, he will walk away with the career year guy. Even if he regresses slightly, he's still an odds on favorite to win it in my bok.

Tejeda: Wouldn't it be great if he develops into a .300 hitter and a table setter while providing some good defense? I think that if he does that, it may just take a little sting out of the Reyes saga. I'm rooting hard for the kid, he's got some shoes to fill, but if he can show some offensive prowess, then he's a outside shot and getting the mets career year candidate. Anything above .275 and 25 plus steals and I'll be very happy.

RA Dickey: Seriously the guy owns. He climbed a mountain. If he wins an Cy Young, I'm pretty sure mets fans will want his number retired at Citi (Semi-serious). He's been a great story while a Met, the only thing that would make it better would be him having a ridiculous year.

So did I miss anyone you'd like to see have a bounce back year or smash some personal records and take a step into the next echelon? Or you got a better reason for someone listed above leave it in the comments.

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