Our Long National Nightmare is Over Applesauce: But A New One is Just Beginning (TRAID!)

Meet the Mets

After protracted negotiations, several broken cease fire agreements, and under the observation of neutral international observers, Ruben Tejada finally reported to Mets camp. You'd almost think he was late or something. Anyway, everything's chilly chill now between Tejada and Terry, though it sounds like Ruben had to run a whole bunch of suicides on the back field or something.

Both Jenrry Mejia and Johan Santana's rehabs are progressing well. Santana threw 72 pitches yesterday, and is still on track to see Spring Training action on March 6th. Mejia also continues to throw in order to build up arm strength, but his rehab schedule probably won't have him seeing game action until early Summer. Mejia should be back to full strength and looking for a rotation spot in 2013, which means hopefully the Mets will be poised to win 'three years from now.'

Terry Collins continues to spend his Spring trolling me personally, as he still insists that Justin Turner is the back-up first baseman. Anytime you have a sub .700 OPS bat with no platoon split, you have to get that masher into the line-up. I don't understand why Hairston just doesn't play first against the occasional tough lefty, if you really want to give Ike Davis a day off. There's also Zach Lutz, who right now will probably post a higher OPS against lefties than Turner, and has actually played first base.

In news that doesn't annoy me, everyone is raving about Matt Harvey. I'm getting excited about the power righty, since it has been years since the Mets have actually had a power righty. And no, Mike Pelfrey does not count. Toby follows that up by shocking the world, placing Zack Wheeler at #3 on his prospect list. I get this. I don't agree with this, but I get this.

You might have heard about Ryan Zimmerman's massive, nine-figure contract extension (we'll cover that down below), so you might be wondering if the Mets have been talking to Wright about something similiar. What, did you just wake up from a year long coma? Well, Wright is happy for his buddy at least.As well he should be, since this just set the market for good, but recently injured third basemen. This probably means Wright isn't a Mets past 2013, unless the team gets a sudden influx of cash. Wright will be several years older than Zimmerman when he hits free agency, so maybe he only gets a 4-5 year deal, but it's probably still going to be out of our broke ass price range. But keep grinding for those minority shares Wilpons! I'd hate for you guys to have to sell the team or anything. On the plus side, we can look forward to two more years of TRAID DAVID WRONGZ rumors.

Around MLB

As reported here earlier, Ryan Zimmerman got paid, y'all. That is some rather serious green considering it's an extension, Zimmerman was hurt last year, and he might have to move to first base if his throwing woes continue. That said, Zimm's only 27 and there is very little premium talent at the hot corner right now. Over at fangraphs, Dave Cameron takes a look at comps for the Zimmerman deal, and tangotiger checks the math.

Things I am looking forward to watching on mlb.tv this year: Every Tampa Bay game. Of course, they will probably find a way to start Moore in AAA to work the arb clock. Gotta get Jeff Niemann his reps.

Hey, remember last week when Josh Hamilton said he didn't owe the Rangers anything. Well, he totally mispoke, you guys.

It's the time of year when players who aren't ITBSOTL start to get hurt. Our first casualties, Joel Zumaya, who tore his UCL and is done for the year, and the Indians' Chris Perez, who will probably miss Opening Day with the dreaded strained oblique. Sadly, this is probably it for the flamethrowing Zumaya, who hasn't been healthy in years. On the other hand, Jake Peavy's shoulder is 'as good as its ever going to be.' That's...better than the alternative?

Now because we just can't stop talking about those Red Sox and their love of beer, (We can't? Really?) I should mention that Josh Beckett is totally okay with Bobby V's clubhouse beer ban, because he doesn't make the rules and stuff. He's just here to play baseball, you guys. Not mentioned: That he's going to take it one day at a time and give 100%, and that, god willing, they might even win some baseball games.

As you might be able to tell by the silent film villain type mustache, John Axford is a bit of a film buff. So here's his Oscar picks. In actual Oscar reportage, Moneyball lost out on Best Picture to The Artist. No surprise there, because as we all know, Bill Beane's shit doesn't work at the Oscars. I, for one, am shocked that the Academy would gave the award to a silent film homage about the movie industry. The only thing that could have beaten it was a mediocre musical or period piece. Or mediocre musical/period piece (looking at you, Chicago).

Finally, Baseball Nation brings us Hall of Famer Mel Ott, who clearly would have gotten along great with Terry Collins. I know I definitely want Mel Ott bunting as much as possible, especially in that great home run park he played in.

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