This Week in Mets Quotes

Long story short, he fell

"A skid out. I took some grass, but it worked out well. Thankfully I saw the stop sign and pulled up. It all worked. I was trying to score. Once I saw the ball get away I figured we might have a chance to score. And then he put the brakes on. I did my best to stop, but I lost the edge. I just saw the replay. It’s not too nice." Baxter via espn

For the record, Crosby is 6’1’’, 207

"I was like, ‘If this guy’s [Mason Crosby] the kicker, what am I getting myself into?’" Nieuwenhuis on why he choose baseball over football via

He also believes in batting Mayberry and Wigginton 5/6

"Runs are down, they continue to be down, and it’s going to get worse, probably, as far as offense is concerned, because pitching is the most important part of the game. I believe in it." Phillies GM Ruben Amaro via nyt

I picture when Niekro meets a possible knuckleballer, he acts like Yoda when Luke first meets him on Dagobah to get a feel of their dedication

"Especially those that have a pretty good idea what they’re doing and they may just need a little polish on it, or something like that. The tough ones are the guys that just say, ‘Teach me how to throw a knuckleball.’ ‘You’ve got a couple of years?’ I really get interested in the guys that want to do it when they make a commitment." Niekro via espn

Sorry to the 3 AA female readers, Duda is taken

"Q: Is it true chicks dig the long ball?

A: I’m still kind of debating that, whether that’s true or not.

Q: Do you have a girlfriend?

A: I do have a girlfriend.

Q: Does she dig the long ball?

A: I don’t really think she cares about the long ball. That’s probably a good thing that she doesn’t. She knows about baseball but ... we kind of set that aside." Duda via nypost

But don’t worry Davis is still very available

"Still single. Probably going to stay that way after this four games." Davis via espn


"I’ve never been able to get anybody from the Mets to really call me. I get invited to the big events, but the Mets have just never treated the players the way the other clubs do. Detroit, Houston, Cincinnati, I always get notes, cards, stuff from them. I never get anything from the Mets. I don’t know what I did to the front office. I always tried to be a professional and comport myself with class. But I’ve never had anybody act as if it mattered." Knight via nydaily

Canadian Smack Talk

"Jason Bay never says a word, so when he's arguing something, there's an issue." TC via espn

I haven’t looked into it, but I would guess this has happened to someone before

"It's huge. You don't want to be the first player in MLB history to go 0-for-the-season, you know? It's a good thing to get that out of the way." Davis via espn

Funniest quote from Wright in years

"I don't need [closer fences]. Duda does. Maybe one day he'll be able to hit the ball as far as me." Wright via espn

I’m assuming no one asked Murphy a question, just over heard him talking in the mirror in his locker

"It don’t matter to me. I’ve been on the ‘closer’s list’ before, in left field. I want to win. He ran Ronny out there. Ronny made a good play on a funky hop. So I started screaming to T.C. I told him it was a great managing move. He’s a better defender than I am. I mean, I’m not going to say I’m a better defender than he is. So, good play." Murphy via espn

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"Trade him to all the fans who say "we can’t catch a break": the reason is that the Mets continue to employ highly-paid players who cannot brush their teeth without getting hurt. Wright is a prime example. You cannot win if you cannot play. Get rid of the over-priced injury magnets and get some players who will do what it takes to win. That means drafting well, be willing to spend on players who will be in the lineup every day, and get rid of the always injured types like Wright and Reyes while maximizing what you get in return." Boswell

AA Quote of the Week

"Whats your stance on mansions vs condos?" KeithsMoustache

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