Back To Baseball Applesauce: Yanks Sign Nelson Figueroa, Everyone Gains Ground On The Nats

ATLANTA - APRIL 18: Jason Bay #44 of the New York Mets is unable to make a catch against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field on April 18, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

The Mets had last night off as the Giants made the trek to New York City for their upcoming set with the Metsies. Tonight's game will feature a pair of lefties, as Jon Niese takes the hill for the Mets against one of the worst free agent signings in the history of the game in Barry Zito. Hopefully Niese will be able to stop the Mets skid before that task falls on the shoulders of Mike Pelfrey and Dillon Gee.

Ruben Tejada will likely spend some time in the spotlight this week. With the Marlins coming to town after the Giants series, the return of Jose Reyes will inevitably direct attention towards the young shortstop. It's actually a little bit of an eye opener to think about just how young Tejada is. did just that.

The other big story that will likely be in the news with the return of the Reyes will be the contract of David Wright. I suppose it's bound to happen, as I still struggle to think of one without picturing the other. I'm actually really hesitant to even watch Tuesday's game, it might be just a little too weird (and depending on the outcome of the Chelsea/Barcelona game my TV may be destroyed anyway).

Andy McCullough took a look at an interesting topic yesterday. He pondered what to do with Captain Kirk when Andres Torres returns to the lineup. There was then a followup highlighting a few comments they received. My personal vote is to see less of Jason Bay, as I've never much cared for vests. I'd much rather see Kirk/Torres/Duda out there than anything involving Bay.

Johan Santana is a good dude.

Just for Jeff, here's some Gorski love.

Around MLB

I teased it in the title, but the Yankees have signed former Met Nelson Figueroa to a minor league deal. It's better than Figgy signing with Philly I suppose.

The division leading Nats got smacked around yesterday. Even without playing, the Mets managed to gain some ground.

The Phillies unfortunately got enough runs (2) for their pitching staff yesterday. Their offense is still really bad.

The Braves bats also came alive yesterday. Since getting swept by the Mets they've been on a pretty good roll.

Finally, within the division we have the Minnows. They managed to claw their way above .500 with a 5-3 victory over the Cubbies.

Bartolo Colon had an amazing accomplishment the other evening. FanGraphs took a look at something we may never see again.

Some guy named Eno took a look at Brandon Belt and straw men. I love straw man arguments.

The A's surprisingly DFA'd Brandon Allen a year after trading for him. The Rays surprised nobody by claiming him.

Finally for today, Yu Darvish took the hill again and was solid in a Rangers win. The Rangers are going to be awfully good this year.

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