This Week in Mets Quotes


"Everyone knows what Jose has meant to this organization. It’ll be a little strange seeing him in a different uniform." Wright via

I’m assuming something neat = no hitter

"But when the balls are moist like that, it can pose a problem. It was disheartening, because when I started the game, the knuckleball I had, I thought we had a good chance of doing something kind of neat today. It just didn’t keep rolling that way. Perhaps I need to rethink my strategy when there’s some wetter conditions. Maybe there are some things to learn from. We’ll check the tape and see." Dickey via espn

Interesting analogy choice

"It’s like throwing water balloons. Imagine a wet water balloon. It’s hard to get the feel of it just right." Dickey via espn

Now here’s an analogy I can get behind, I watch a lot of Food Network and can barely microwave a hot pocket

"You learn from playing. I watch a lot of golf. I stink." TC via espn


"There’s a lot [on the new scoreboard layout.] It’s easily digestible. Now it’s how you make it translate well in-park and make it easy to read. The goal was, if someone is coming to the park, how do you provide more content than they would otherwise have? Certainly this is a big step from the stat presentation last year." Mets VP David Newman via espn

Canadian Smacktalk

"Robbing homers is not a huge part of my game. So it was just weird that two years in a row -- same spot, same everything." Bay via espn

Canadian Camaraderie

"I was screaming at it to get out. They’ve been flipping [Davis] curveballs nonstop. It’s one of those things, until you do that, you’re going to keep getting it. I told him, ‘Man, that had to feel pretty good.’ He said, ‘Yeah, it felt great.’" Bay via espn

Canadian Comedy

"It's the jammed finger epidemic that's going around." Bay via espn

Larry Jones, the greatest heel

"Well, I think, the Mets were a little unfairly treated preseason. I think getting Santana back is a tremendous boost to their rotation. And you've got some young guys that are kind of stepping in to their own. I mean, there's a reason why Jon Niese got extended. There's a reason why, at the end of the season, Dillon Gee arguably was New York's best starter. These guys are pretty good at what they do, and they're starting to realize what it takes to win at the major league level. That's always a scary thing when you're the opponent."

Would it almost be comical if the Mets gave you something when you retired?

"It might be a recording of all my plate appearances where they announce my name and the chorus of boos rained down. I don't know. Like I said, I'm not expecting anything. But anything would be appreciated." Larry Jones via espn

Like most other things, I’m with Keith

"Too many teams are retiring too many numbers. They lose their import. So I'm in the camp that it should be something that is special, it shouldn't be marginalized. Who wouldn't want to have their number retired? But it's not something that I think about.'' Keith via newsday

I don’t think that word means what you think it means

''I was coming into second and Jimmy put his hands up like, 'You can come in easy. I checked and saw it was fair, but I took off back to first for no reason. It was a lackadaisical play.'' Thole via

Quote of the Week/FacePalm of the Week goes to ‘Barstool’ without even knowing the exact content

When the Mets said they were going to acknowledge you, it set off a firestorm in New York.

"I got an email. It was from a guy that calls himself 'Barstool.' It had made the rounds through some of my friends. And it finally got back to me. And it was colorful, let's put it that way. He let everybody know what he thought. I thought it was kind of funny." Larry Jones via espn

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