This Week in Mets Quotes

I shant not follow order from TC

"If that is not the lead story tonight, Jose’s return and he crushes one, and our rookie center fielder runs it down and makes a great catch. … We really needed it. We really needed that lift in the beginning and [Nieuwenhuis] gave it to us." TC via the post

Recounting Reunions

"It's awfully nice to come home. But this was no fun. It would've been fun if this had been spring training, but it was too emotional. I was aware that they were up there at bat, but I tried to block it out of my mind. And now I'm awfully glad that it's over." The Franchise via espn

"That's how you treat heroes." Willie Randolph on the fans reaction to Mike Piazza’s return to Shea via espn

"The crowd treated me nice. [The boos] don't bother me. That's just part of it. I played 15 years here and probably heard a lot of that. There are people who like you and people who don't like you." John Franco via espn

"I don't know what they were booing at. One guy in the bullpen said, 'Al, we love you and I think you're great, but I'm still going to boo you.' You have fans that root for the marks and logos of their teams. You root for the fabric and I understand that. That's probably what it is." Al Leiter via espn

"I have a lot of good memories. The only unfortunate thing was that we never were able to win a championship when we had teams with the talent and potential to win a championship." Reyes via espn

"Jose Reyes is a human being and one of the nicest people I’ve ever been around. If [the boos] didn’t bother him I’d be shocked, because he gave his heart and soul to the people here." TC via espn

Turner’s version of his AB

"When you get two strikes on you, it’s a fight. You just battle, and try to put the ball in play somewhere." Turner via the post

TC’s version of Turners AB

"It was a tremendous at-bat. To fight all those pitches off, to take the breaking balls, I mean, a terrific at-bat, it really was." TC via espn

Yeah, but I for one prefer Ozzie Guillen’s well thought opinion on most matters

"I don’t want to take any credit away from the kid, but it’s easy to hit when you know the guy can only throw fastballs and anything else is balls. Obviously, it was a hell of an at-bat, fouling off a couple of pitches." Guillen via the post

It’s the right call, especially since, no offense to Pelfrey, he’s is a normal human

"It was explained ... I could alter my mechanics and end up hurting my shoulder. My shoulder feels great, and that’s the last thing I want. All the statistics, 94 percent you can fix the elbow but when you get to the shoulder it’s a gray area. I think that would be the last thing that I want.’’ Pelfrey via the post

TC also told him to hit a HR though

"He said I was going to hit in the pitcher’s spot with two guys on. I hit in the pitcher’s spot with the bases loaded, so he was pretty close." Turner via the post

With that RBI, Wright also hold the record for canned sports clichés by a Met

"It’s one thing to go out there and play well individually, but I want to be mentioned when my Mets days are done for different reasons, with Straw and Mike [Piazza] and these guys and that’s getting to the World Series and being on these winning teams." Wright via the post

Also tells you the historic state of the franchises offense
"Any time you come to one of the great franchises in baseball and in the short time he’s been here all of a sudden hold the RBI record, that’s pretty special. That tells you exactly what kind of player he’s been, and he may put that mark out of reach pretty soon, I hope." TC via the post

That’s one way of keeping opponents guessing

"There’s a few secrets that aren’t out there yet. That’s why I’m not worried about the other team [stealing our signs], because we haven’t got them [down] yet." TC via espn

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"You know, it's definitely bad form to be writing these recaps before the game is over." -garik16

AA Quote of the Week

"Jon Niese has crossed the Delaware…of my heart." –murdertron3000

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