Hey, It's the Amazin' Avenue Prediction Thread!

Opening Day is right around the corner. Here's your chance to earn some future bragging rights. Make your predictions, and let's see how you do come the next hot stove season.

And have fun with it. None of this o/u wins stuff -- be creative. Examples? Sure. Mine are after the jump.

1) Mike Pelfrey is traded to the San Francisco Giants on or before the August 31 trade deadline.

Why? First, Pelf's as good as gone come the off-season, and he's not useless -- just not really all that valuable for this team given his 2013 price point, especially. Second, the Giants can actually use an innings eater type, assuming that Zito sucks and/or Vogelsong can't handle 200 IP. And third, in the Alderson reign to date, the two most significant trades have been with the Giants.

2) Jason Bay's agent threatens to file a grievance against the team for benching/platooning him.

3) Of the five SPs with the most April/May starts, only two are on the list of the five SPs with the most September/October starts.

I guess this correlates with the first a bit, but there's more. I expect Jenrry Mejia will be at Citi Field by September, as could Matt Harvey and/or Jeurys Familia. Johan isn't likely to make it to the fall, health-wise, even though we hope he will. It wouldn't take a lot to see a guy like Hefner also crack the rotation, most likely due to another injury.

4) Justin Turner is released.

I honestly do not understand why he is on the team right now. There's no position he can play which one of Ronny Cedeno or Mike Baxter can't cover except *maybe* third base, and I don't buy that. I guess the only real question is whether Daniel Murphy can stick at 2B, but if he can't, I expect Havens or Valdespin to step in there, not Turner.

And really, who is going to trade for Justin Turner?

5) The scoreboard operator accidentally plays the Jose Jose Jose Jose song when the Marlins are in town.

I doubt this one, actually, but I could totally see it happening.

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