Undefeated Applesauce: Mets Win, Santana's Arm Still Attached, Marlins Stadium Is Huge

Apr. 5, 2012; Flushing, NY, USA; The jersey for New York Mets former player Gary Carter is seen in the dugout before the game against the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field. Mets win 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

So yesterday was opening day. It's always one of the best days of the year, and win or lose yesterday was sure to be no exception. Luckily for us Mets fans, yesterday started like so many openers before...with a win. Johan Santana and the bullpen were fantastic yesterday as the Metsies won the debut of the new look Citifield 1-0. David Wright (looking like the David Wright of old) would drive in the lone run of the game for either team and allow the Mets to remain atop the division for another day as Johan got through 5 innings while only getting into trouble once. The wrap can be found here, the box score can be found here.

It wasn't all sunshine and flowing beer for Mets fans yesterday though. New center fielder Andres Torres has aggravated the calf injury he suffered in spring training and will be heading to the DL. Adam Rubin is reporting the Kirk Nieuwenhuis is being promoted to take his place. While it's a shame we won't be seeing Torres in action, quite a few of us are probably excited to see another youngster debut.

Also yesterday, the Mets held a pre-game farewell ceremony for Gary Carter. The #8 patches that the team will be wearing all season are a nice touch, and it's nice to see him with a spot on the outfield wall. Thanks for the memories Gary.

In the shock news of the day, Jon Niese was pleased with his newly signed contract extension. I can't say I'm shocked, if my guaranteed income went from about 500,000 to just over 25 million I'd be pretty happy as well. Ike Davis was also pleased yesterday, but in his case it was just over returning to the field.

Around the NL East:

There were a few other games going on around the league yesterday, and to start we'll stay within the division. The woeful Marlins dropped to 0-2 after being shut out by the Reds. Jose Reyes is clearly not a WIN METHOD player as demonstrated by the Marlins standing at the bottom of the division. There was also some more reaction about the new minnow tank, and it appears to be a new version of Citifield in one respect. Also coming out of this game was some talk of the Reds extending Brandon Phillips.

The Philthies haven't started their inevitable collapse just yet, as Roy Halladay was pretty fantastic yesterday. The Phils beat the Pirates 1-0 in a result that probably surprised nobody. Halladay was good, the offense wasn't, the world hasn't ended.

The Nats also started the season out with a bang, beating the Cubs 2-1. Stephen Strasburg was pretty good in this one and the Cubs bullpen couldn't hold onto a lead as the Nats joined the Mets and Phils at 1-0.

Around the rest of baseball:

There was a record setting game played over in the AL yesterday, as the Indians and Blue Jays played the longest opening day contest ever. The Jays would erase a three run deficit in the ninth and go on to win in sixteen. Wow.

Bobby V made his return to the majors as well, but facing off against Justin Verlander is a tough way to do it. Luckily for the Sox offense he only pitched 8 yesterday so they were able to get something on the board.

And finaly, since I've touched on every other game played yesterday, here's the box score from the Dodgers and the Padres. No Mets game today, enjoy the rest of the action.

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