This Week in Mets Quotes

Don’t worry Larry, you’ll always be number one in my heart

"I'm sure I'll get booed. I wouldn't have it any other way. It is what it is. I'm probably, next to John Rocker, the biggest villain in New York." Larry Jones via espn

‘Tis but a scratch

"I was just covering the bag, and I had my foot a little too far over the bag, reaching for the ball from Cedeno. The guy cleated my heel. That was it. That will be a nonissue -- a superficial wound only." Dickey via espn

It appears Duda excelled in his offseason interview work with David Wright

"It’s nice to be compared to good players. But I’m myself. I can’t really try to be Jason Giambi. I know that sounds bland and vanilla." Duda via nyt

Jose Reyes was more of a Lambda Boötis Star

"I think David Wright is a shining star and if you are on the world's biggest stage, you have to keep your shining star." Larry Jones via espn

Meh I prefer the 2002 method of team building

"The organization started building from within, started developing young players and grooming them for the next phase. You have to start trusting your minor-league system, and you can’t get discouraged when there are tough times — and there are going to be tough times." Strawberry via nyt

Unfortunately for my father, the only difference is the amount of adult beverages I consume

"I still get to go to a game on Opening Day with my son, it’s just a little different now than it used to be." Mike Thole via dailynews

Wait, there were people down on the Metropolitans

"You can't ask for anything better. It was the perfect situation to show some negative people out there that we can do it. I believe we're going to win a lot more games like that." Frankie Francisco Rodriguez via

I have my doubts that Murphy said this in a joking tone

"And we'll be 1-0 tomorrow, too." Daniel Murphy via

Still hate you so much

"If he makes his scheduled starts and pitches like he did today, you've always got hope. As long as you've got that horse at the front end, the other guys kind of feed off of it. If they feed off what he did today, the Mets can win ballgames." Larry Jones via

That’ll do El Gocho. That’ll do.

"I said, 'Yeah, I know. But that's enough for today." Collins on Santana saying he could go one more via

What movies are you going to?

"Again we present the beautiful ballpark, the market place for your friends and your family and it’s a great day of entertainment. It’s affordable. Our pricing is comparable to a movie and the play of the team on the field will just make it that much more attractive." Dave Howard, Mets executive vice president of business operations via espn

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