Sweep The Philth Applesauce: Mets Sweep Philly, Mets Sweep Philly, Mets Sweep Philly

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 9: First baseman Ike Davis #29 of the New York Mets rounds bats during a game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on May 9, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

I doubt anyone could read the title without realizing immediately what the big story of the day was for Mets fans. You'd have to be living in your mom's basement to have missed the news that Mets legend R.A. Dickey was out and about playing wiffle ball recently. It's pretty cool seeing stuff like this and just reiterates how cool of a guy Dickey really is.

In other Mets related news, the team played a game that didn't involve a wiffle ball yesterday. After two straight comeback wins in Philly, the Mets would be sending Dillon Gee out against Cliff Lee as they tried for their first sweep of the Phillies in six years. Gee would predictably be outpitched by Lee, but the Philly bullpen was just terrible yesterday as the Mets poured on the runs late. Ike Davis hit a three-run blast to cap the third straight comeback win. The box score can be found here.

John Sickels had a deeper look at Mets 2B/SS/OF Jordany Valdespin this morning. This kind of stuff is always interesting to me, as a non-Mets tinted view on prospects is always welcome. Personally I'd have listed my biggest concern as his plate discipline.

Andres Torres has been raking since he returned from the DL. Apparently he's switched up his bat which he feels is helping with his hot hitting. Maybe Jason Bay should take note.

Metsblog had a pair of interesting pictures up yesterday. Shane Victorino is caught in the act being his typical dicktorino self a pair of times in this series, although I'm sure that comes to the surprise of no one.

Ted Berg doesn't seem to believe that there is anything to be learned from the Mets proficiency with two outs and runners on recently. I'd have to agree with him on this, although I certainly hope they keep it up.

Jenrry Mejia returned to the mound in St. Lucie yesterday, and he's got most of the Mets brass buzzing. I know there is a vacancy in the rotation at the moment, but I really hope the Mets take the same approach with Mejia that they do with Harvey. Give the kid some time and let him refine his change and curveball. Starter or reliever, those pitches will help.

Jeurys Familia didn't want to be left behind by the return of Mejia, Familia had his best start of the season yesterday as well. I think we may see a few interesting debuts late in the season at this rate...

Around MLB

We'll start within the division, as the Braves couldn't score against the Cubbies yesterday. Somewhere someone is upset, it's not here at AA.

The Nats also lost yesterday, their third straight. The two above results see the Mets sitting just 0.5 games out of first.

Unlike the rest of our divisional foes, the Minnows actually squeaked out a win yesterday. Oh well.

Baseball Nation took a look at the situation brewing in Boston due to the hot start of top prospect Will Middlebrooks. I don't know how much controversy there will actually be, but I do like Middlebrooks. They also took a look at what is turning out to be one of the more lopsided trades in recent memory. Omar Minaya was not involved.

Finally we'll head over to FanGraphs for a pair of interesting reads. First, we'll look some more at the pitcher aging curves, this time with a specific look at maintaining velocity. After that we'll look at rally killers. It's not a home run, it's the sacrifice bunt.

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