This Week in Mets Quotes

Now you’re a man

"When I see Nicky hit with a strong at-bat, I think, 'I'm the man right now. I'll hit the ball to the middle. He made a mistake and I hit the ball well." Valdespin via espn

Must be pretty awesome to cheer during your own highlights

"They are fired up. These guys, they realize no one expects anything from us." TC regarding "a jubilant clubhouse that cheered SportsCenter highlights of the game" via espn

Alright, who can give out the most canned response – First up, the master

"It's nice to come from behind and steal a few and we stole three in this series." Wright via yahoo

Next, the up-and-comer

"We're playing pretty good baseball right now and getting good results." Turner via yahoo

Not bad, but let’s see how a veteran does it

"We got them at the right time. We played hard and capitalized on their mistakes." TC via yahoo

If you’ve been following TWIMQ, then you know Duda has had a long road but might have perfected the canned response. (Quote of the year as far as I’m concerned)

"Kevin Burkhardt: Lucas, just confidence-wise, especially because it’s against two lefthanders, what did that mean to you?

Lucas Duda: Yeah, I mean. I kind of struggled through the first part of the season agianst lefties. Luckily the ball found some space, and I got a hit.

Burkhardt: (laughter). You say that matter-of-factly. Both of them were pretty big.

Duda: Yeah, you know. Guys got on, I swung the bat, hit the ball, and it was a base hit.

Martino: That’s true. That’s what happened.

Duda: That’s what happened. You’re right." via nydailynews

The hyperbole is fine, personally I think the analogy is a bit cliche

"That's my game. I've got to land the plane there. [Regarding how long it will take him to being over not finishing the game.] About 45 miles in our bus ride to Philly, I'll probably let up a little bit. 'It leaves a sour taste in my mouth simply because I have an expectation of myself in that situation, and that is not it. Forty miles into the bus ride might have been hyperbole." Dickey via yahoo

I've accepted it’s never going to happen

"I actually thought this might be the day" TC regarding Dickey’s no hit bid via yahoo

Rub some dirt on it

"I remember when I first faced Charlie Hough, somebody said move up in the box. So I went up and scratched the front line of the box out, and moved up there, and he hit me." DBacks manager Kirk Gibson via yahoo

The stuff part is the tricky part

"We've seen a stretch that usually doesn't happen. I think it helps. The more you see them, the more you're comfortable with them. That's it, really. The more you see them, the better chance you have of recognizing pitches and stuff." Davis via newsday

I beg to differ

"You don't have to whisper. It's not the end of the world." Jimmy Rollins breaking the silence after a clubhouse meeting post sweep via philly

What says you AA, fair points or just some excuses from a master poet

"If you noticed, I haven't pitched in the last seven days. My two starts I always had a lot of time in between, so that's not a good thing when you're going out there, especially when you haven't started as often. But I was just trying to make sure to keep the ball inside the yard. One left, but my team came out and played the way we believe. We know that we are a late-scoring team. So as a pitching staff we just have to keep the offense from the other team until our guys come around.

The thing you have to understand, things get out of hand here sometimes. Before you know it, I might be in the pen warming up to relieve again. That's my job, and that's the way I have to take it. But when you go in the starting rotation with a routine, it makes a lot of difference. But in my case, I have to put my spikes on and be in the bullpen tomorrow, because if we play extra innings, I might be the guy that they're going to call for." Batista via espn

Usually it’s not a great sign when my night ends with ice cubes and beer on me

"It was a great moment for me. He's one of the best closers in the big leagues. They called me last night and told me to be ready. They were celebrating with me, threw ice and beer all over me. It was exciting.'' Valdespin via yahoo

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