The Current Feeling Of Mets Fans

Greetings, AA. For those of you who don't already know me, I'mGivingYouARaise, your resident hard-to-hate Yankees fan and writer or if you want to be a tad more realistic, a guy who types down words at the Yankees SBNation blog Pinstripe Alley. Even though I'm a Yankees fan, thanks to my job and my best friends who are Mets fans, I like to keep tabs on the Mets. All I will say is that I'm happy the Mets now know the euphoric joy of beating Papelchump.

Fan euphoria is kind of what this fanpost is about. My hobby is studying human reaction and one thing I like to specialize at in my articles at Pinstripe Alley are sports fan studies, because I feel that sports fans offer some of the greatest studies of emotional reaction than anything else. Please do not take this as arrogance, gloating, or anything like that, but since the Yankees constant success since the Dynasty Era, the dynamic of fan reaction has slightly changed for Yankees fans. The Yankees fans of this generation have no idea what it's like to lose, what it's like to have a team that suck for years and years, what it's like to see you team grow out of mediocrity and build towards excellence. It's why I hate spoiled rotten frontrunning douchebag Yankees fans.

Meanwhile, the Mets as of this post are 5 games over .500 and only 1 game out of 1st place in the NL East. They are playing really well, they are an exciting team to watch, and I think they are exceeding the expectations placed on them at the beginning of the year. Of course, the majority of people out there are saying how it cannot last. Personally, I say screw that. I'm one of those people that think anything is possible in this sport. The Rays use to be an absolute joke and now they are really good and it really came out of nowhere.

That's why I'm here, really. I want to know what Mets fans think about the start to the season this year, because as a Yankees fan who has seen his team always have constant success like they have for the past 15-16 years now, I honestly do envy you at this time. I might be a spoiled Yankees fan, but I'm also a die-hard baseball fan and no matter what I enjoy watching the sport, win or lose. But Yankees fans of this era always expect to win. They always expect their team to make it to the postseason. As I said above, I grew up with a Yankees team that sucked but I still enjoyed going to the game, watching it on TV, watching my favorite players play. I will never forget the excitement I felt of my team coming out of the doldrums, and I want to know if that's how a lot of you feel right now and if you think that this Mets team is better than anyone gave them credit for.

  • Do you think the Mets can claim 1st place in the NL East?
  • Do you think this is just a fluke start and that the Mets will regress?
  • If you feel they are in a decent rebuilding mode, what more do you think they need to fully make a run?
  • Is this one of the most exciting starts to an Mets season you've witnessed?
  • If not this season, do you feel the Mets can be contenders next season or the season after?

The questions I just asked will be in a front page article I'm planning to write for Pinstripe Alley. I will also link to this fanpost so the PSA members can see some of the responses, some of which I might quote for the article. If you decide to participate and help me out with my article, I greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time, Amazin' Avenue

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