On Pace For . . .

One-fifth of the season is in the books. Not a terribly reliable statistical sample but big enough to have some fun. And since I'm mathematically challenged the idea of simply multiplying by five is something I ought to be able to pull off. So with that out of the way, who's on pace for what?

The club is on pace for 93+ wins! Heck if they can manage to play .500 ball from here on they'd have 83 or 84 wins.

In the long-ball department Ike would have a shot at 25 while DWright & Lucas Duda would be hovering around 20 with Jason Bay clocking in around 15 despite having half as many ABs as the other sluggers. Club-wise they'd land at about 115 (up from 108 last season) while opponents would hit 150+ versus 147 last season..

So without any 30 HR hitters we must have speed right? Well, you already know the answer to that. How's a pace of 55 for 100 sound? That's only down from 130 in 2011. . . Hey, don't use that type of language so close to Mother's Day! Now that you've calmed down do I dare share that opponents are on pace to swipe close to 140?

290 doubles doesn't sound bad even if it's down slightly from 309 last season but if Rueben T were to heal quickly and maintain a pace of 50 we'd all be thrilled. Right now DWright & DMurph would clock in w/40 and Cap'n Kirk 30. Lucas oh Lucas with the 413 SlgPct, where has your XBH stroke gone?

Rounding out our look at extra base hits the club wide pace of 20 triples would at least outpace he who shall not be named 16 as an individual last season. No doubt it's all because the moving of the fences led to removing of the triples . . . <<cough-bullsh*t-cough>>

But after all, well all know, it's all about the runs. At this rate you can pencil DWright in for close to 115 followed by . . . drum roll please . . . everybody's favorite Cap'n at about 85 and the DL'd shortstop without crow hop and his 70. Despite being over .500 we're only on pace for 665 runs down from 718 last season when our run differential was only minus 24. After today's drubbing of the Marlins we're minus 13.

Since my stomach is only 1/5 full I'm going to pull the plug on this. Maybe I'll check in on pitchers - maybe not. But anyone know when the last time a Mets pitcher notched 200 K's?

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