Is our good play surprising

Honestly the Mets are playing to my expectations right now. I look very deep into stuff and that is why I thought from day one we would end above .500. This is how I looked at things

David Wright: Batting is more of a mental thing then people think and David Wright is proving that. I expected him to hit .310 with 25-30 bombs and 110 rbi's. He may very well hit .350 this year

Johan Santana and RA dickey- I expected them both to be themselves

Jon Niese- I believed he would develop

Pelfrey- I thought he would fix himself

Murphy is an elite hitter and hit .320 last year, Tejada has a smooth swing and was hitting .300, when Thole is playing his game he can hit .300, Duda has power and in the second half last year he hit .320.

I expected Murphy to be hitting .310, Tejada .290, and Duda who is turning it around .300. I was pretty spot on. Hell I expected Torres to be hitting .270

I was wrong with two things, I thought that at this point Captain Kirk would cave in, and that Jordany Valdespin would be our future CF ( I know he is an IF but with his speed he can learn Center) and I also expected Ike to be hitting .285-.300

I expected us to be performing well because based off my predictions Santana and Dickey is a perfect 1-2 Niese, Pelf, and Gee is a good 3-4-5.

Murphy is a perfect 2-5 hitter, Wright is a perfect 3 hitter, Davis is a perfect 4 hitter when he is himself, and Duda based off last year is a perfect 5 hitter.

When I look at Wright, Davis and Duda I see Wright, Delgado, and Beltran. I know Duda wont be Beltran but i think Ike will be better for us then Delgado was.

Comparing this team to the 2006 Mets, we get on base more and have 6 hitters and potentially more who can hit above .300 and walk a lot. We also hit lots of doubles. It is a really smooth underrated offense I say it is at least equal to our 2006 lineup. And the rotation isn't better then our 2006 rotation yet but it has potential too be. Our one problem is bullpen.

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