This Week in Mets Quotes

Miguel Batista was exactly who we thought he was.

"We had a chance the first two innings and let him off the hook. He got comfortable and started making pitches." Milwaukee manager Ron Roenicke via

Not sure if TC is talking about Niese or Rob Johnson’s pitching performance

"He went out there and threw it over." TC via

I think most pitchers probably have a more dramatic conversation when told they’re taking the mound for the first time in their career

"He came out to the mound when we made a pitching change, I think it was in the sixth. He said 'We might have to have you pitch the eighth. Can you do that?' I said 'Yeah.’" Rob Johnson via

Rough one for Mets fans as well

"Oh man, just a rough one. It seemed like every pitch I threw that they hit, they just barreled it up and got it up and it just flew out." Niese via

For Wright at least, for Ike, not so much

"All is good." Wright via


''Give it up for my man!'' Daniel Murphy after Wright walked from the shower area to his locker as his teammates applauded via

I have a couple of theories on how this happened

"Like any tourist coming to town, the Reds hope to avoid getting lost. It happened to one unidentified Cincinnati player this week when a taxi driver took him to Yankee Stadium instead of Citi Field, and he arrived late at the ballpark." via

Wright being the captain

"He said, 'If somebody should be hit, I want it to be me. I said it's not going to be you." TC via

Nice to see the Brewers understand and respect the situation

"I respect the fact that he wanted to stay in the game. I don't fault them for making that decision at all." Ryan Braun via

Or do they…

"It was interesting what that shows." Roenicke via said of Collins lifting Wright and also Murphy two batters later.

He talks the talk…

"I like the challenge [of closing games in New York.] It seems very interesting here. I expect to see you guys when I get on a roll" Francisco via

…but still waiting for him to walk the walk

"I love it [regarding the boos] because later on they're going to clap for me. I promise you." Francisco via

I can’t for Wright’s Hall of Fame speech, I’m assuming it’s going to be like Jordan’s

"There is a long ways to go. Those are unrealistic goals. I think it's realistic to go up there and try to have good at-bats. If the results come, great." Wright via

…or probably just more of this

"I'm getting some that are falling in, finding some holes. A lot of it is probably luck. This sport isn't like a lot of other sports. You can go up there and have good at-bats, and have nothing to show for it results-wise. You can go up there and have bad at-bats, and have good results. It's funny how this game works, so you try to take advantage of it when you can." Wright via

TC holding back

"At the end of the year, David Wright is going to have some stinking really good numbers." TC via

Knight played a counter-spell and TC was tapped out

"[Umpire Knight] said he thought [Escobar] tagged [Baxter] on the back. I thought if [Knight] didn't have a good view of it [he should] ask and he said he couldn't, so that was it. I pretty much had no argument after that.'' TC via

I wasn’t aware the wrist had meatier parts

"I was thankful that it hit me in the meatier part of the wrist, but you just never know. We'll see how it feels in the morning." Dickey via

Knuckleball post games interviews must be the toughest as its start after start talking about the same pitch

"It was a real fight. I threw a lot of real tumbleweeds up there, balls that were kind of over-rotating on me. I didn't have my swing-and-miss knuckleball, but they were hitting enough pieces of it to give me some groundballs, and I was able to make a big pitch when I needed it." Dickey via

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"I don't get why we keep talking about this. The front office isn’t going to do anything with our suggestions, and we’re just infuriating ourselves. Whatever they decide to do or not do with him will happen. He’s really bad right now but all I’m going to do is root for him and hope it goes away." piazza62

AA Quote of the Week

"Had a great field Box at Shea for 23 years. Often would get to my seats about 15-20 minutes before the game and find people there. Would very nicely tell them that they must be in the wrong seats and they knew they were so they’d move. One time a guy sitting in my seats who claimed to be a police officer demanded to see my tickets. Immediately called the usher who was the same guy for all 23 years and knew me well. Cop whips out his badge and Billy (usher) tells him "That badge don’t mean shit to me, get out of the man’s seats or we’ll remove you from the stadium". He and his party slinked off and took the long walk up and out of the field boxes as Billy led the boos every step." Putnan Prince

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