This Week in Mets Quotes

Earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from their graves, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, Wally Backman being the voice of reason, mass hysteria

"Matt just needs to throw quality start after quality start. If he goes out there and does that eight or nine times in a row, it's going to make people wonder and think. But I don't think [a callup] is going to happen right now. It's still a learning process." Backman via buffalonews

Why can I picture this same quote coming after our first no-hitter

''It is bittersweet. 'It was great while it was happening. But when they kept scoring runs, it really wasn't that enjoyable, to say the least.'' Hairston on his cycle via yahoo


"There's going to be a big discussion always about when a pitcher quick-pitches. Always. Nothing was being said to [Brydak.] It was being said to the umpire, and then Tim took offense to us saying something to the umpire and he started yelling. It really didn't become much at all. ... I don't see anything happening down the road at all." Astros Manager Brad Mills via espn


"It's no big deal. [Lee] said he was only kidding around. I heard somebody say something, and I just didn't appreciate it. It's one of those things where I'll kid around in here, but I don't take shit from nobody out there. But he told Thole after the game he was just goofing around and stuff like that. I didn't hear what he said. I just know somebody was yelling. That's all it was." Byrdak via espn

I've always seen Carlos Lee as a overpaid LF/1B, but now I realize he’s worth every penny

"I saw him upset and I just started screaming at him. I don't even know what I started screaming, but I started screaming. I didn't even see the play. I didn't see what happened. I saw everybody yelling and I'm like 'I'm going to yell too.'" Carlos Lee via espn

A little too honest rook, next time try throwing in more excuses such as the ballpark and making adjustments to the majors

''I think their patience is kind of wearing a little bit with my performance. 'I just have to keep my head on straight, and if I get another opportunity, try to go for it.'' Schwinden via yahoo

Lest you want your manager speaking this way to the media

''I'm not committing to anything. 'Things change in this game.'' Collins via yahoo

That was literally the worst pitch I’ve ever seen in my life

''Tonight was the night that I literally threw one pitch that I didn't like, and it got hit out of the park. 'That normally doesn't happen. One more wiggle to the knuckleball there, and he pops that up or hits it off the end. That is the only pitch I would take back. Everything else I feel like I am in a good place with it.'' Dickey channeling his inner Chris Traeger via yahoo

So it’s come to this, hit a grounder and hope it doesn’t ‘hit’ anyone

''It was tough to see. The shadows were pretty bad at that point and the first fastball, he just blew it by me. ‘'I was like, 'Oh boy, got to shorten up a little bit.' I put it on the ground and I knew it had a good chance if it didn't hit anybody. It happened to find a hole.'' Davis via yahoo

And by "grow" he means get swept by the ‘Stros

"'It was a wild game and a wild series. Every game here was pretty crazy. But it's a great win. It's obviously early in the season, but this is something we can look back on and definitely grow from as a group.'' Baxter via yahoo

When relievers try too hard they overthrow which means balls are right in the middle of the plate, unless they’re trying too hard and being to fine which causes walks, either way stop trying so hard

"He's really trying too hard. He really, really is. He's overthrowing. Balls are in the middle of the plate. You saw on two or three replays of the hits, the balls were right down 'Central.' They might be down a little bit, but they were still down the middle. He's trying way too hard. He's coming off two good years, and he's trying to get it going a little bit. He's just got to relax and pitch." TC via espn

I assume he’s talking about Pack

"That was the best part of my career so far. I had a lot of family and friends that were able to come visit. Being in Alabama for four years, my parents really didn’t get to see me too much, or my friends. When I got to Brooklyn, that was a great opportunity for them to come see me. It was nice, too. We had 9,000 fans a game -- crazy fans, too, I’ll tell you." TJ Rivera via espn

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"Might be Harvey time! Schwinden is god awful., So is Bautista. HArvey and Edgin are wasting away n the minors." Jeff McKnight Fan Club

AA Quote of the Week

"If only ESPN had a sports betting columnist to help us with our picks...Oh, right." mttlg

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