The Mets Actually Do It Right For A Son of NYC and Avid Met Fan

With all the justifiable talk over the years of how the Mets just seem to always get it wrong- the dimensions of the park; the stadium’s ode to the Brooklyn Dodgers, without honoring their own past; the playing of Sweet Caroline, etc.-last night they could not have gotten it more right. In this 50th Anniversary season featuring planned tributes and ceremonies, it was last night’s subtle and spontaneous honoring of one of New York City’s favorite sons that will forever stand out in my mind.

The Beastie Boys, (who are all well known Met fans), burst on to the scene in the middle of the greatest Mets era of all time and with the same style as those unforgettable teams: brash, arrogant, over the top, and talented. And just like the 1986 Champion Mets, they too inspired an entire generation of fans that very same year with their in your face style. While the Mets did it on the field (as well as bars across the country) the Beasties did it with the release of their unforgettable debut album, "License to Ill."

So, in what was an amazing showing of class the Mets chose to honor Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, (aka MCA), who died hours prior to the game after a three year battle with cancer. As a child who grew up in Long Island passionately rooting for the Mets and immersing myself in the music and videos of the B-Boys, I sat in Citi Field last night feeling chills throughout my body as the player’s came to bat and the innings turned over not to the usual tunes, but to an exclusive set of Beastie Boy Songs. As Met fans we are so used to blasting them for getting things wrong, so it gives me great joy to say thanks for getting this one right boys. RIP MCA.

Last night’s individual player walk up at bat music:

1. Reuben Tejada-Intergalactic
2. Daniel Murphy-No Sleep Till Brooklyn
3. David Wright-Brass Monkey
4. Lucas Duda- New Style
5. Scott Hairston-Root Down
6. Ike Davis-Fight for Your Right
7. Andres Torres- So What Cha Want
8. Josh Thole- Sure Shot
9. Dillon Gee- Body Movin’
PH Vinny Rottino-Paul Rivere
Kirk Nieuwenheis-Slow and Low

Other highlights included "Hey Ladies" and other classics in between innings.

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