Mets 10, Phillies 6: Not A Typo

Considering the lineup the Mets threw out there tonight--calling it the B-squad might be too kind--and considering that Cliff Lee was pitching for the Phils, dreams of a sweep seemed even loftier than they did before Monday's game. Most fans would have been happy if Lee didn't pitch a no-hitter. Well, I can report that the Mets didn't get no-hit.

As in the first two games of this series, the Phillies scored first. Dillon Gee faltered against the bottom of the order in the second, ceding a run on a bouncer his opposite number beat out for an infield single. The Mets responded with a Daniel Murphy RBI double in the top of the third. The Phils recaptured the lead in the fourth on a pair of singles and a few well placed groundouts, but the Mets rebounded in the sixth with a triple by Andres Torres and a bloop RBI single by David Wright.

Then Gee withered once more against the Phils' lightest hitters in the bottom of the sixth, allowing a two-out RBI double to Freddy Galvis and a run-scoring single from pinch hitter Laynce Nix. Once again it looked like it was simply not the Mets' night, which is apparently just the way they like it.

The Mets took advantage of a shaky Kyle Kendrick in the top of the seventh, first teeing off against him, then taking advantage of his wildness. After a walk loaded the bases, they tied things up at 4 thanks to a HBP and took their first lead of the night on an RBI groundout.

It was all Amazins from that point forward. The Phils' bullpen gifted 4 more runs in the eighth (three on an impressive Ike Davis homer) and one more in the ninth, making the rest of the game a largely academic exercise.

In summation: The Mets (the New York Mets) swept the Phillies (of Philadelphia), in a series at Citizen's Bank Park, during which the home team led in every game, and they did so largely by taking advantage of ugly defense and a shaky bullpen.

Just writing that down so I know it actually happened.

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by blueandorange4life; your effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

Num Name # of Posts
1 blueandorange4life 130
2 feslenraster 122
3 KeithsMoustache 119
4 MetsFan4Decades 109
5 Joveoak 109
6 santana9237 95
7 Hoyadestroya85 92
8 nymgb44 83
9 sj10689 73
10 aparkermarshall 72
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