Dickeymania Applesauce: Dickey Throws One Hitter, Mets Appeal For Dickey No-No

June 13, 2012; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher R.A. Dickey (43) throws a pitch in the fifth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. The Mets won 9-1. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

Last night was something, wasn't it? In the last two weeks we all got to witness the first no hitter in the history of the Mets franchise. Last night we saw R.A. Dickey pitch even better than Johan Santana did on that historic night. The Mets took the second game of their set against the Rays, with Dickey providing a masterclass in knuckleballing. Here's your recap and box for this one.

While Santana's no-no had a bit of controversy in a call that went the Mets way, Dickey's one hitter had a bit of controversy of it's own. The Mets will appeal the scorer's decision of B.J. Upton's infield single in the first inning. It seems unlikely that the team will be successful in their appeal, but I certainly think it's worth the effort of trying. Here's a poll where you can have your say on that matter. Regardless of the appeal though, Dickey now holds the Mets record for his recent dominating run of scoreless innings.

Dickey has been so good this season that there's now talk of him deserving to start the All-Star game. At this point I'd be hard pressed to disagree. Overuse in the game likely won't be an issue for the Mets, as Terry Collins will be the one making decisions on which pitchers get into the game. As with Dickey, it's hard to make a case that he's not deserving.

The Mets are considering another change to Citi Field next season. According to various news outlets, the Mets are considering the addition of a "quiet section". Somehow I just don't see this going all that well, but what do I know? Maybe minority owner Jim McCann has some thoughts on the matter.

Around MLB

I'm going to start outside of the division today with Matt Cain's perfect game. This one was good enough that there's debate about whether or not it's the best pitched game in the history of baseball. Dave Cameron took a look at where it ranks in terms of game score over at FanGraphs.

Back within the division, the Braves followed the Mets lead in getting swept by the Yankees. I think that's a good thing.

The Marlins also lost, getting pounded by the Red Sox. Ricky Nolasco wasn't very good in this one.

The Nationals kept rolling yesterday, completing their sweep against the Blue Jays. Stephen Strasburg was again more than good enough for the Nats.

The Phillies also won yesterday, out-slugging the lowly Twins. They're still alone at the bottom of the division though.

Finally for today, Rob Neyer had a little more reaction to the Andre Ethier deal. I still can't believe he got $85 million.

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