Butts In Seats

Is this one of those seasons where anything is possible?

First the first no-hitter.

Then back-to-back sweeps - one good and one bad.

And not to be outdone, RA takes the path less traveled - would you expect anything else - and throws back-to-back one hitters . . .

So while the club probably won't trade sweeps to play .500 ball the rest of the way . . . Johan may not toss another no-no . . . but RA - who knows? He's become the biggest must-see in Flushing in a long-while.

But will he sell tickets?

Last night there were 29,014 fannies in Citi-seats - about 900 more than the average 2012 tilt - but the buzz has begun. A huge 5+ minute ESPN profile, a Sunday night feature vs. the Yanks and a likely All-Star appearance.

If he doesn't start drawing bigger crowds what does it say about the near-term future of the Franchise?

Through 34 home dates the club has averaged 28,106 which is 558 fewer than last season. Extrapolate that over 80 home games and it would mean 44,666 fewer tickets sold for the year. Neither of those numbers feature home Subway Series games so aside from weather and other opponent differences the numbers should be fairly comparable.

But there might be a nice trend brewing - sample size caveat - when you look at attendance by groups of ten games you find:

In the 1st ten games attendance was up 521/game.

In the 2nd ten games attendance was down 2,816/game.

In the 3rd ten games attendance was down 961/game.

In games 31-34 (only 4 games) attendance is up 3,393/game.

Has the club finally won the hearts of fans back? Is the recent uptick for real or just a Father's Day anomaly?

With the Yanks coming to town Citi should be filled and buzzing. If the club can win the O's series and take 2/3 against the Yanks will casual fans add a Mets game to their summer "staycation" plans?

So far the club has shown amazing resilience and seem to motivate each other. It'd be fun to see how they do if Citi Field crowds fill the park and give them a true home field advantage. Not to mention, more fannies in seats means more money for those bullpen arms that must be on Sandy's shopping list.

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