Scouting Report: Lucas Giolito (SP)


Date of Birth: 7/14/1994

Height: 6'6'

Weight: 230 lbs.

Hits/Throws: Right/Right

Commitment: UCLA

Overview: Probably the most talented player in this year's draft, Giolito might end up falling out of the first round completely due to ridiculous bonus demands and an injured Ulner Collateral Ligament (UCL). With an excellent pitchers' body and an ace-like mentality, if not for the sprained UCL, Giolito would have most likely been the first overall pick in this year's draft. After just three starts this season, Giolito was shut down due to the UCL sprain.

Repertoire: Giolito already throws a major league fastball and curveball and has been developing a nice changeup that flashes plus, but is below average right now. The fastball sits mid 90's and Giolito can ramp it up to the high 90's when needed. He gets nice movement on the pitch due to a deceptive delivery and the ball just gets on hitters before they even realize, due to the velocity of the pitch. His curveball is thrown at around 80-82 MPH and has tight overhand spin. The pitch misses bats with ease, though he does have trouble spotting it at times. The pitch has the chance to be a major weapon at the major league level. Like most high school arms, Giolito has not needed to use his changeup much and it therefore lags behind his other offerings. When he does throw it he shows a good feel for the pitch, even though he slows his arm to deliver it on occasion.

Mechanics: He uses a slow over the top delivery which helps him get natural sink on his fastball and changeup. Giolito generates easy arm speed using his slow delivery. He utilizes his entire body when pitching which is quite unique for high school pitchers. He's extremely balanced throughout and nothing in his delivery screams injury risk.

Projection: If Giolito reaches his most optimistic projection, he can be as good as Justin Verlander with the same kind of stuff. If Giolito manages to stay healthy, I can't see how this guy doesn't end up being a front of the rotation starter.

Summary: Because of the new hard slotting system, a team will have to either give up future draft picks in order to sign Giolito or he'll have to sign for way less than expected. Given that both these scenarios are unlikely, what'll probably end up happening is he'll be drafted sometime in the first round, that team will offer him a slot deal, Giolito will reject, head to UCLA and probably be the first overall pick in three years time. The risk a team will be taking with Giolito is his health. He's already sprained his UCL and has missed an entire season because of it. Looking at every other aspect of the equation, Giolito is downright ridiculous. Once he polishes his command and works on his changeup, he could really be one of the better pitchers in the MLB for a long time

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