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Still the best. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Meet the Mets

Tony LaRussa is a jerk.

I mean, jeez, when I find myself agreeing with John Harper, clearly something stupid has happened. But hey, at least LaRussa isn't going to keep him in the pen in case the game goes into extra innings or some other mularkey. Of course, if the right starting catcher had been voted in by the fans, this would be a non-issue. As always, I blame Giants fans, specifically Grant Brisbee.

Craig Calcaterra has a theory about why it went down this way,

David Wright. Still awesome. Great piece by Mike Kerwick, as usual. Speaking of the future captain of the New York Mets, Mark Simon has all the numbers from David's incredible first half.

Valentino Pascucci won the AAA home run derby in fairly spectacular fashion. Too bad he can't mash lefties and play first base, wait, what's that you say?

The Mets 2009 2nd round draft pick, Steven Matz, had a nice start for Kingsport last night. Still left-handed and still throws hard.

We'll stay down on the farm as the Brooklyn Cyclones' pen coughed up a lead in the late innings in a game telecast on SNY. Just like watching the real Mets.

Ted Berg debates just how strong a buyer the Mets should be in the 2nd half.

All-Star Week Hodgepodge

For those of you who could not stand to have an unending chorus of "Backbackbackback" echoing in your nightmares for the next week, I'll just let you know that Prince Fielder won the home run derby, while John Kruk spent the entire time eating BBQ.

Here are your line-ups for tonight's game, which I gather a whole bunch of you are boycotting.

Bud Selig did his usual all-star break chat with the 'fans.' And of courseby 'fans,' I mean MLB interns who had their questions heavily edited to make MLB look good.

Jonathan Papelbon clearly learned from the Billy Wagner school of "speaking for the clubhouse you just joined this year."

Conflicting reports on whether or not #4 overall pick Kevin Gausman will return to LSU? We got 'em. Unlike with Appel, I find it hard to believe Gausman will return to school, but we'll know in a few days I guess.

EDIT: You know, I almost never go back an add a link to Applesauce if I find something interesting right after it's posted. I will make an exception today.

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