One Mets Fan's Journey Into Turner Field For The First Time

Hello all. I believe this is my first fanpost here. Longtime reader, limited commenter, avid Mets fan here. Hopefully I am up to standards on this one, but hey whatever.

I've been a student at a University in Atlanta for 3 years now (I hail from North NJ and am spending my first summer away from there) and I finally went to my first Mets game at Turner Field tonight. It's a very nice stadium, I have nothing bad to say about it besides the fact that 90% of that fanbase does not deserve having nice things. I'll excuse them for getting the Olympics because I love my country and the Olympics, but the stadium they got out of it is not deserved.

I wanted to share my experience because I just got home and I'm still not really sure what happened. It was a weird experience and to quote Anthony Bourdain loosely from an episode of No Reservations "Maybe we'll all go home and drop some acid and edit this thing, maybe then it will finally make sense."

The idea to go to multiple games in this series began as soon as I got back from a Semester Abroad in Germany and realized I was spending the summer in Atlanta. Not my first choice as I'd most definitely rather be back in the NYC area, but a paying internship is a paying internship. I circled these three dates on the calendar and was aiming to go to all three. That's how much, for better or for worse, I miss Mets baseball being played live in front of me. Well I'm going to tomorrow game (Yay R.A. DIckey!) with my father who's flying down as a birthday present (coincidentally I'm flying home next weekend to spend my birthday with friends and one of the events in the 21st birthday extravaganza is the Mets-Dodgers game on the 21st. This tangent will be touched upon later), and asked my friends if they wanted to go to any of the other games but they never really followed up on me when the date came around. In the end I was going to go with a friend, but she bailed because she's sick, and then when I asked my other friends they said no and accused me of asking "just so I didn't look like a fool who's going to a baseball game alone." Well I said fuck it and ventured off to Turner Field for the first time alone.

So I somehow get to the game without dying. It's pouring rain and Atlanta traffic/drivers just suck so much. I am almost killed like 3 times and I'm not really sure where I am going. Somehow by the time I make it to stadium the rain has cleared up and it looks like it may just miss the stadium. The game is going to be played! Woo! So the first inning is typical Mets. Ike Davis grounds into his obligatory double play and Chris Young gives up 2 runs and has like 3 walks issued because he can't keep the ball up in the strikezone.

Then shit gets weird. The power goes out. A big flash is seen on the left field side of the stadium, then bam it goes dark. It's a weird feeling when its twilight and the lights go out. It's not "dark" outside, but it feels it with no illumination. No one has any idea what's going on and people just start to leave. Many don't come back. Terry Collins keeps going out to ask the umps what's the deal, and no one is sure if the lights are going to come back on or if the game is going to be cancelled. It's during this time I start talking to the guy sitting next to me. Remember, I'm alone and I'm starting to get bored because I have no one to talk to. So I make fast friends with the Braves fan next to me who's a 50-60 year old Gentlemen who I could tell was not your usual dick Braves fan. Turns out he worked at the '96 Olympics and had some real cool stories to tell.

Cue the lights. Cue the weirdness that was this game. The Mets after falling down 5-0 quickly, claw back to make it 5-4. Chris Young only lasts 3 innings and what felt like 150 pitches. The Ump's strikezone makes no fucking sense. Miguel Batista is just throwing god knows what at the catcher. Josh Edgin appeared? Every single inning there's like 5 Braves on base it seems. The Braves had more walks (14) than hits (10) and really never fully pull away even when they are up 7-4. The game is painfully slow. Minus a 30ish minute delay for the power outage it took around 3 hours and 45 minutes. It also started at 7:35, and I want to give a big fuck you to Ted Turner for that. Why do you have to be special? I didn't get home until 12:45 am because of you. It just seemed that every Met pitcher couldn't find the strike zone. Especially Bautista. 4 walks in 1 and a 1/3 innings. He's not 5th starter material. The Mets can use normal resting patterns and get away without using a 5th starter til July 21st. That's my birthday. Make it Matt Harvey's debut? Another met Debuted on my birthday 8 years ago and he turned out alright. Know how it is? Hint, its David Wright. Sorry weird coincidence. But it's not weird given the night.

So painfully slow this game drags on and on and on, and somehow the Mets just seem in it the entire time. The real blow was Chipper Jones' home run. That guy is just a fucking monster against us. It's not fair. I want him gone so bad. Side note: the Tomahawk Chop is the most pointless and annoying thing on earth. I can't get that song out of my head.

So the 8th inning rolls around and its like 11pm. Game started 3 and a half hours ago. Oof. We somehow cut the game to 5-7 and you know its over when we can't get any more runs. Kimbrel is just a hard-throwing monster. We had no shot. That kid is going to terrorize us for years to come. This was just a painful, frustrating of a loss. You knew it was for naught from the start, but you had to wait an agonizing nine innings to get there. Just not a fun experience to be at, even though I walked away with a weird scorecard I'm going to hold on to. 18 total walks in that game. No control on any side.

After the game I stayed for the fireworks. I guess I wanted some sort of consolation for paying to watch that gut punching loss. They were cool. They played cheesy 80s music during it. I really just don't have much to say about that.

The weirdest part was just reflecting on the loss the entire 20 minute walk back to my car. Walking out of a ballpark alone in a city of millions when you team wins has almost a sort of sublime happiness to it. So when you go to watch a baseball game by yourself in a city you know very little people and just watched your team lose its almost an embarrassing sadness that takes over as you walk away from it. You're trying to console yourself but you're alone and the only thing that could've brought you joy decided not to bring the joy for that night. It's almost if you're embarrassed to be there and you just want to get home as fast as possible but you can't because you know your car's on the other side of the stadium.

That's what I walked away with. Plus it was a mess getting home because there is always traffic in Atlanta, even at 12:15 am.

Well sorry for that jumbled mess, but figured on a night like this where the air was sucked out of the game early and we could never inflate it why not write down your feelings and hope someone can relate somewhere.

Let's beat the crap out of the Braves tomorrow. Go Dickey. Goodnight.

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