Mets Nicknames Thread [UPDATED]

Update: The nicknames list has been updated based on everyone's suggestions. Enjoy!

See below for an incomplete list of nicknames for Mets big-league players and a handful of minor leaguers. It could use some sprucing up; only a few nicknames are particularly memorable. Drop suggestions in the comments. The list will be updated as necessary. And be thankful Fernando "F-Mart" Martinez is out of the organization, so we no longer have to hear the worst nickname in baseball on a regular basis.

Manny Acosta: Acostalypse

Miguel Batista: Blowtista, Battingpractista, Batista Out Of Hell

Mike Baxter: Whitestone's Own

Jason Bay: Johnny Ballgame, Canadian Clipper, Jay Bay-Bay, Oy

Pedro Beato: Neato

Tim Byrdak: Byrd Man, Byrdak-a-Mania

Gavin Cecchini: Zucchini

Ronny Cedeno: Roger, Shy Ronny

Ike Davis: Pure Chaos, The Bear Jew, Vanilla Ike, Crash, Dwight David Eisenhower

Matt den Dekker: Upper Dekker, The Flying Dutchman

R.A. Dickey: The Dickster, The Sun God, Rare Arsenal, Really Awesome, Refreshingly Astute

Lucas Duda: The Dude, His Dudeness, Duder, El Duderino

Josh Edgin: The Edge, Fire Time

Jeurys Familia: Family Guy

Frank Francisco: Frank-Frank, Fat Frank

Dillon Gee: Gee-Unit, Gee Spot

Scott Hairston: Scott No-Hairston, Baldston, Ninja Turtle, Great Scott

Matt Harvey: Matt Harvery

Reese Havens: Mr. Glass, Reese's Pieces

Jeremy Hefner: Hugh

Jack Leathersich: Leatherface, Leather Rocket

Jenrry Mejia: Jenrry The Eighth

Daniel Murphy: Murph, Murph-Dog, The Irish Hammer, Dropkick

Mike Nickeas: The Coif

Jon Niese: The Nose, Marathon, Captain Hook

Kirk Nieuwenhuis: Captain Kirk, Spicoli, Bonesaw, Sunshine

Brandon Nimmo: Finding Nimmo

Bobby Parnell: Parns, Captain Fastball, Poornell

Mike Pelfrey: Pelf, Big Pelf, The Tongue, The Big Lick

Omar Quintanilla: Quesadilla, Quint, Q, The Q Continuum

Ramon Ramirez: Ram-Ram

Jon Rauch: Wookie, Smokestack

Johan Santana: No-Han, El Gocho, Santa

Ruben Tejada: Ruby, Muscles, Taylor Swift, Silencio

Josh Thole: Joshy, Tollbooth, T-Hole, El Infierno

Andres Torres: Andres the Giant, Yungo

Justin Turner: Red,The High-Leverage Hero, Le Petit Orange, Gingerballs, Overdrive

Jordany Valdespin: JV1, The Man, Spin, Spinsanity, Spin City, Spin Doctor, Valdy

David Wright: Dubs, Wrongz, D-Nasty, Visine, Hollywood

Chris Young: Gumby, Chris Old, Giraffe Man, CY

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