Open Letter to Sandy Alderson

Dear Mr. Alderson

Let me start by saying that I am an absolute, die-hard, live-and-die with every pitch (to the detriment of my health) type of Mets fan. I came to this country 22 years ago and fell in love with this team (even though they were pretty bad at the time). I've lived through Bill Pecota/Chico Walker/Charlie O'Brien years, the Todd Hundley in left field experiment, the Kenny Rogers walking Andruw Jones heartbreak - you get the picture. I also was at the Benny Agbayani walk-off homerun game against the Giants game and once shook Omar Minaya's hand in Shea parking lot.

I am also the type of fan that the Mets need - I live in Queens, make good money and have enough disposable income to afford to go to 5-10 games a year, plus buy Mets merchandise (I still have a t-shirt and a sweatshirt from 2000). This year I told myself that I would go to a game when/if the Mets are up at least 3 games either in division or in the wild-card race - that way if they would lose, they would still be ahead. Needless to say, I haven't gone to a game.

Let me throw some other facts at you:

- last time Mets made the playoffs, I was 30; I am much closer to 40 now

- I wasn't married and didn't have any kids; I'm a month away from being a father for the second time

- I thought 2006 was a start of long-term dominance for this team; ....

So, Mr. Alderson, I implore you: do something. As millions of other Mets fans out there, we appreciate the work that you are doing (cutting dead weight, being able to admit your mistakes, painting a realistic, long-term picture for this team). However, that is of little consolation when it's been 6 years since Mets even made the playoffs! I mean, at some point, you would figure they would somehow, someway stumble into a wild-card spot?? Does every second half have to be a soul-crushing, wait-till-next-year 3-month nightmare?? At what point does this team put together a 30-10 type of a run to get itself on top in NL East or in the 10-team wild card race??

Look, I am realistic - I know that the Mets made the playoffs 7 times in their entire history, so they are not one of the glory franchises in MLB. But they are my team - and a team of tens of millions fans just like me - that cannot wait until they will actually be good for the entire season, when 6 games against the Yankees won't result in 1-5, but rather 5-1, when I can gleefully take a day or two off of work to celebrate a championship of a team that plays 20 minutes away from my house.

Do something, Mr. Alderson. Cut Jason Bay (he's a sunk cost), promote Matt Harvey, acquire 2-3 relievers, trade Duda to an AL team where he can DH, get Justin Upton - do all of these things or any combination, but please do something! I desperately want to fulfill my wow and go to a game when the Mets are up 3 games in a race (hopefully towards the end of the season) and I want to be able to do it while I am still young enough to enjoy it.

Thank you.

A die-hard Mets fan in Queens, NY

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