2013 catcher solution

First of all, sup? I'm new here. I've been lurking in the shadows over the past few months, and finally decided to join up. Don't worry, I'm cool. I swear it. Anyway, on to my main point...

Let's examine two of the basic flaws with the Mets this year:

A) The lineup is too lefty dominated.

B) Mike Nickeas is an atrocious backup catcher.

Because of A, Terry has been trying to get as many righties in the lineup as possible when a lefty starter is on the mound. That includes Nickeas in favor of Thole, which is not good because of B. And when you look at how bad the Mets have been against lefty starters, it's clear that something needs to be done to give them a better chance. But while simply playing Thole against lefties would be better than Nickeas, it still isn't ideal; he's only hitting .244 against them. Therefore, it makes sense for Alderson and company to target a right handed hitting catcher in the offseason and platoon him with Thole. My suggested target? Russell Martin.

Yes, the same Russell Martin who's currently hitting .182 with the Yankees. The way I see it, unless he significantly picks up the pace over the rest of the year, nobody's going to want him as their starting catcher. I can't see him getting a better offer than he'd get from the Mets: the chance to play every day against lefties. Against them this year, he's hitting .287 with a .407 OBP. Thole, meanwhile, is hitting .285 against righties with a .356 OBP.

So what would that do to the Mets lineup? It'd give them another righty bat to put between all the lefties against lefty pitchers, one who should provide much better production than Nickeas or Thole could. Martin's stock should be down considerably after this season, and he could prove to be a significant bargain if he hits lefties as well as he's done this year. Thole, meanwhile, would be given a better chance to succeed playing only against righties. Overall, it should equal more production from the catcher spot.

The Mets should offer him a one year deal with an option for a second. If it works out, they can pick up the option and have the Thole/Martin combination for another year. Maybe Plawecki establishes himself as a legitimate prospect during that time and they can replace Martin with him at the end of those two years. And if it doesn't work out? Than he still can't be much worse than Mike fucking Nickeas.

So, what do you think? Does that sound good? Am I completely crazy? Both? Neither?

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