I love R.A. Dickey.

I don't have a lot of time, but I want to get all of this emotion out in text before I have to leave and drive to Boston.

After the jump, you're entering the realm of sparbz. Everything read is my opinion. You can take it or leave it, agree or disagree, comment or not comment. But if you do comment, please just be respectful and carry yourself with some pride. I'm not asking for comments, but I love to entertain conversation.

Hi all. I've been in and out lately. This season, I've lurked the entire year. 1 K-Counter made, and it wasn't even that good. I apologize for that first and foremost, and for those who I've known personally here in the past, I would like to update you all a little on my life.

I'm 21, as of January. I'm a student at Tufts University studying Computer Science and Music Engineering. These topics of academia are just some of my passions. I've been blessed to be privately educated at the prestigious Blair Academy for high school; I take pride in my ability to keep up with various topics of conversation with various people in various realms of life. That being said, if you don't already follow me on twitter, please do so: @sparbz, just for the pure reason that I'd like to get to know you if you've taken the time to read what I have to say.

This is all congruent to the story of R.A. Dickey. If you have not read his memoir, please, I urge you to read it. Not just as a baseball fan, but as a human being. Objectively and subjectively, I urge you to read his story. Dickey and Wayne Coffey's tag-team writing creates only the most visual of pictures in one's mind's eye and inspires humans of all modalities to never stop believing. But this isn't a book review, this is a FanPost about me and my mentor, R.A. Dickey.

I don't know R.A. Dickey personally. But it feels like I do. I feel like I can sit down with him at dinner and have a nice meal with him. I feel like I can discuss that meal with him and he'll describe to me how he perceives it, word for word, emotion for emotion. I don't care if this is really who he is or not, but this is who he has portrayed himself to be. Someone approachable, relatable, and human.

I write this blog post for a few reasons. It was incited by the news that R.A. Dickey will not be the starting pitcher at the 2012 All Star Game. I was vehemently pissed off; you can read my tweets from around 9:30 this morning if you're curious (warning: no filter). In my opinion, the best starting pitcher in his respective league should be the starter of that year's All Star Game. That's just my opinion. It may not be Tony La Russa's opinion... It may be, actually. After talking to my ever-so-busy father on the phone, a few things occurred to me.

For one, this is just Tony La Russa being Tony La Russa: micromanaging and changing paradigms to the point where others may or may not be scratching their heads. I was, at first, but I realized he's been pulling this for decades. Maybe he truly believes R.A. Dickey is not the best pitcher on his staff. Maybe he thinks that Matt Cain's perfect game is more warranting of the starting spot than R.A. Dickey's back-to-back one-hitters. Maybe he likes the prospect of having pitchers with great, fast stuff (Cain, Strasberg, Gio) start, and then sandwiching the King of the Knuckler in between to REALLY fuck with the AL lineup. Maybe it's all these things. One thing we know for certain: It's Tony La Russa. And, because of that, another thing we know for certain: We'll never really know why he made this decision.

And this, out of all the reasons, is why I love R.A. Dickey. Because at the end of the day, there will be thousands upon thousands of -- not just Mets fans but -- baseball fans who are upset with this decision. But one person who will understand... I think... I hope... but we'll never really know... is R.A. Dickey. According to my knowledge and nothing-but-positive judgments of Dickey, I'm sure he'll say something along the lines, in his polished subtly Southern accent, something like: "Honestly, I am just happy to be here. I try my hardest every night, and it is an honor to be recognized for my hard work."

R.A. Dickey has inspired me to view the world more objectively. He has inspired me to not take things as personally as I once did. And, probably most important of all, R.A. Dickey has been a mentor to me. Again, I do not know R.A. Dickey personally, but the amount of gratitude I must express towards his story is unquantifiable. I love R.A. Dickey, and I wish him the very best in his success.

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