My Plan For the 2013 Mets

Hi guys! Long time listener, first time caller haha!

Anyway here's my plan for the Mets! Because it's September I would start this for November of course because it's too late to do anything now.

1) Cut Jason Bay

I would trade him but really who is going to trade for a guy like Bay? We should have never signed a Canadian. There's no such thing as a good Canadian baseball player except for Steve Nash and he's a basketball player. And don't get me started on the Expos.

Anyway while we are on the topic of the NBA I wish MLB had ten day contracts just so the Mets could sign Tsuyoshi Shinjo for a week or two and he put on the metrosexual headband and sumo chop Bay in the nuts a few times.

2) Trade Daniel Murphy and Andres Torres to the Giants for Pedro Sandoval

Pedro Sandoval is a 25 year old All-Star third baseman (starter!) who is better than our guy if you keep in mind that Wright is having a career year at age 30 or whatever and makes like $15 million. Cerrano is fat and won't ever get a contract like Wrights and only makes like $5 millin next year and $8 million the year after and even if you include the exchange rate that's cheap. And Cerrano is a proven winner with a WS ring.

Meanwhile the Giants need a second baseman and outfielder. They need a 2B because Ryan The Quiet Riot (I know it's pronounced terry-oh) sucks and an OF because Melky Cabrera is going to jail and I think Angel Pagan is a free agent. Murphy is an obvious fit and their fans have a monster-sized man-wang for Torres. Murphy could be their second baseman while we move Ruben Tejada to 2B if we can pull off the deal below, otherwise we promote Wilmer Flores (who I'd throw into this deal if I had to) or just move "Michael" Jordany Valdespin there. Either way we improve at 2B and 3B.

If this is unrealistic I'm sorry. I would instead include Torres and Flores (poet and didn't know it!) in the trade below and move Murphy to third.

3) Trade David Wright to Baltimore for Manny Machado and Dylan Bundy

Wright's a superstar don't get me wrong, I just think Sandoval is better for this team -- younger cheaper winner -- while Wright would be better on a win-now team like the O's. They hated Wilson Betatit so much that they brough up Machado who is only 19 and is a SS. I say trade them Wright, stick Machado at SS and move Tejada to 2B, and put Bundy in AAA with Wheeler.

4) Sign BJ Upton

BJ is like awesome even if his OBP makes Torres look awesome. He's also named BJ so we could have an OF of Kirk, Duda, BJ, which is an awesome set of names and great for back page headlines.

Oh yeah it should go without saying that our OF would be those three and Baxter and Spin.

5) Keep Kelly Shoppach and polatton him with Josh Thole


OKAY Thats the bats! Pitching is pretty easy because the rotation is just Dickey and Niese and Harvey and Gee and Santana with Wheeler and Bundy and Mejia in the wings for the inevitable injury/breakdown. The bullpen who the eff knows. I know that I get Frank Francisco and Francisco Rodriguez mixed up still lol. I would like to see a real closer and I would like to see another lefty. That'd be sweet.


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