Sandy....this is ridiculous


I've been a big supporter of yours and the entire Mets front office since your arrival. You did a fantastic job last year landing Zack Wheeler and trading away K-Rod's option year. Even the draft was pretty decent. Brandon Nimmo looks - at worst - to be a solid major league regular someday. And I get that the team is rebuilding....but something is going very wrong.

No team should be 30-44 at home. No team should ever put themselves in position to have to answer questions about quitting. That is an embarrassment to themselves, to their fans and to baseball. Professional athletes do not have the right to "quit" on a season. And they have, despite what they said last night.

For two years straight, under your watch Sandy, this team has quit in the second half. As Ron said last night, "they never came back from vacation at the break." I understand you are working under financial constraints. So are the Oakland A's. So are the Tampa Bay Rays. So are the Atlanta Braves.

See, the problem Sandy is everything went backwards this year. The draft you had was a disaster. You failed to sign a second round pick because you wouldn't offer slot value. That is ridiculous and lends suspicion that you threw the pick when you made it, knowing you'd never sign the guy unless he accepted far less than slot money. Your free agent signings of Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco were abysmal. Sad thing is, most of us fans knew that when you made them. And the team - oh the team - went backwards in a big way. I don't know what goes on in the clubhouse, but something is wrong with the make-up in that locker room. Maybe there is no leader. Maybe they dont listen to Terry Collins. Or worse, maybe they don't care.

Last but not least, what in god's name is going on when someone leaks details regarding how the team feels about a player's personal life? Where is this Ike Davis stuff coming from and can you please explain to Mets fans how that helps things?

I have no idea what you need to do and frankly, I have no idea what your plan even is, Sandy? Should Terry be fired? Probably, but the team still isn't talented enough.

One thing would be nice this offseason, Sandy. Could you please go on WFAN or SNY and lay out your vision for the franchise? I think most Mets fans have grown weary of your lawyer-speak and non-answers. Could you explain why you didn't sign those draft picks and how you are going to help this team next year despite having limited money? And rest assured Sandy, we don't care about the payroll. If its 70 million a year in 2014 that is ok...we just want to see competitive baseball. But please...let us in on how you plan to get there.

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