Vote For The Unofficial 2012 Amazin' Avenue Meme Of The Year

Fellow citizens and degenerates of Amazin' Avenue, the year 2012 has finally come and gone. However with each new year comes a new set of Mets-related memes. Today I ask the community to vote on the unofficial AA meme of 2012.

The nominees are;

1. Drunken Ike Davis

Back in September there was a report that the team was unhappy with Davis staying up late and possibly being a party animal. Rumors floated thereafter that the team might consider trading him. Thankfully number 29 is still with us, however that doesn't stop our community from turning a potentially negative player image into a fan loving meme.

Various drunk Ike tweets

2. The Real Losers in this trade are the Mets

The Red Sox-Dodgers trade this past season was a trade that had never been seen before. The Red Sox, who suffered a late season collapse in 2011, attempted to right the ship for 2012 by bringing in a new general manager and manager. Unfortunately that didn't work so the Red Sox decided to shed some of their albatross contracts and fortunately they found a buyer in the Dodgers who only a year ago was in the same financial mess as our beloved Mets. Now logical baseball fans realize that this trade had absolutely nothing to do with orange and blue but of course logic doesn't apply to the NY media when trying to create a narrative. Enter Joel Sherman of the New York Post who states his "logic" on how the Mets play in the trade;

Because the Mets could not get even enough health and production from Jason Bay and/or Johan Santana to make the kind of financial reset trade the Red Sox just did by unloading Beckett and Crawford, in particular.

Consider the Dodgers are in such a frenzy to produce the most star-doused spectacular in Hollywood, they put in a waiver claim on Cliff Lee earlier this month, though the 33-year-old lefty was 2-6 with a 3.78 ERA and had three years at $87.5 million left on his contract after this season. In other words, at that time, the Dodgers did not need a current star like Gonzalez attached to the deal to absorb someone like Lee.

And they did accept the 32-year-old Beckett, who is 5-11 with a 5.23 ERA and is owed $31.5 million after this campaign.

So if Santana just could have pitched healthy and somewhat near his first-half work, then the fact the 33-year-old lefty has $31 million due him between his 2013 salary and a 2014 buyout probably would not have deterred the money-is-no-object Dodgers.

From that day on we've taken Sherman's standard stupidity to create some laughs

3. A Source DEF Told Me....

Most of us are sick to death of stories relating to Wilpon's fiances that just rehash the same old information that has been reported over and over. If not rehashing, it's just random speculation on the writers part. In enter Michael Salfino (Twitter @MichaelSalfino) who tweeted that the team is broke and that Wilpon would be gone within two years. Obviously such a claim did cycle through the baseball blogosphere including our own. However like all the other "Wilpon will be gone in X amount of time" claims this one turned out to be complete smoke.

4. R.I.P. 2012 Mets

We as Met fans deal with losses in our own little and unique ways. However this season (at least for as long as I've been on twitter) had some interesting freak outs. The wild claims that after a loss the team wouldn't win another game but we did.

5. Didn't I Block You in 2009?

One of things about being a Mets fan is dealing with the stupidity of the media. Enter AA writer and editor James Kannengieser (Twitter @jameskann) who takes Jon Heyman of CBS sports to task on the whole episode regarding R.A. Dickey's comments during the Mets Christmas party:


glad to see dickey apologize for using wrong "venue'' (RA word) to gripe about mets offer. hes a smart man. made mistake.


Sportswriters going to apologize for asking him questions in that venue about his contract? No, of course not.


Obviously Heyman didn't like James' response so Heyman responded to James just like any other professional writer would;

they were doing their job. Didn't I block you in 2009?


Our minor league writer Jeff Paternostro declares the new meme official

Yeah, it's just going to be a meme now. The die has been cast.


Honorable Mention

Mocking of sabermetrics

September baseball was nearly coming to an end and two surprising teams in the playoff hunt were the Oakland A's and the Baltimore Orioles. One of the lazy arguments anti-SABR folk make is that the A's have yet to win since Billy Beane took over. Now one would expect someone who's job is to be a professional sports journalist who is anti-SABR to come up with an actual intelligent argument to counter those of us who subscribe sabermetrics right?


In enter ESPN clown (one of many) Rob Parker who mock SABRS will the kind of dialog equivalent to a WFAN caller. Thanks to Parker, everytime I go to Citi I make sure I have my 17" Toshiba laptop to analyze the game instead of watching it.

Well thats it for now, if I forgot anything please mention in the comments. Hopefully 2013 will give birth to even more funny Mets-related memes and of course some wins too.

This FanPost was contributed by a member of the community and was not subject to any vetting or approval process. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions, reasoning skills, or attention to grammar and usage rules held by the editors of this site.

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