Would You Rather: Ike or Duda?

Would you rather: trade Ike Davis or trade Lucas Duda?

You have to choose one or the other, period. This scenario has been unavoidable. They are both are young, hit for power (something the Mets offense desperately needs) and are the type of young player you want on your team and like to root for because how the perform on the field and carry theirselves off it.

The unfortunate part is they are so similar. They both are left handed bats who lack speed and their best position is 1B. Duda can play corner OF but can you depend on him for an entire season? Also, what concerns me is the lineup. It'd be ideal if on of them hit right handed to help balance the lineup. Sure, you can hit Ike 4 and Duda 6, but what about the 5spot? Baxter is the best option, but we don't know how he'll perform over the course of an entire season.

So, the question is who do you trade? Duda's ability to play 1B/OF is added value, but long term is he an OF, 1B or DH? Who has the high ceiling of potential for the remainder of their contract? Which would have the greater return in a trade?

If you asked me, "Josh, how would you handle this?"

I'd responded with, "Good question. It's tough, but I'd move Duda. I like Ike's similarities of Adam LaRoche, offensively and defensively. Ike may not hit 40HR+ with as much regularity, but I'm a man of simple pleasures, any more than 30HR is just fine."

Ideal scenario, I'd send Duda and Jon Niese to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Justin Upton. Maybe get a prospect with him, but I'd do the deal with or without one. Reunite the northern VA boys and former AAU teammates Upton and Wright. This would force the Mets young arms to take their lumps and learn at the major league level next season. Trial by fire, brother.

As far as the order with Upton, roll with the hot bat. If Wright is hot, Wright 3, Ike 4, Upton 5. If Upton is hot, Upton 3, Ike 4, Wright 5.

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