AAOP: Leading the league in 0-0 ties after 9 innings.

"Offense sells tickets; Defense wins championships". Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant Jr.

Coach Bryant was a football coach but this quote still applies to the Mets. We didn't sell tickets or win championships. That's why I'm going to prove that quote right and make the Mets a defensive juggernaut while not caring for the offense. Why? Because it's my team and I want in 10 years for Ryan Gosling to star in a movie about my innovative strategies that help the Mets win the division in 2024.

Last year was depressing as a Met fan. One of the things that made me sad was our SS situation last year.



That was some awful SS defense.

I'm a smart young man, and I can build the Mets up to be entertaining next year. Almost all fans want an improved offense for next year and rightly so. We sucked last year. But I have a different approach. You see there is one thing I hate more than shitty offense and that is shitty defense.




This screenshot should help explain our trouble.





14th in UZR and 10th in UZR/150 in 2012 isn't good enough for me Sandy.

My plan is to create a super awesome defense to make up for our lackluster offense. You can't win if you don't score, but if you don't allow any runs you can't possibly lose. This is good enough for me. Can I guarantee that this team will win the division? No but you will get a bunch of sweet defensive GIFs which will almost make up for it. So on to the plan.....

Arbitration-Eligible Players


Ike Davis: $3.5M. For trade purposes.

Daniel Murphy: $5.8M. For trade purposes as well.

Dillon Gee: $3.4M. Good value for a decent number 4 starter.

Bobby Parnell: $3.2M Get well soon.



Lucas Duda: $1.8M SS Trade Bait!

Ruben Tejada: $1M. Meh cheap SS depth.

Non tender:

Omar Quintanilla: $900K

Justin Turner: $800K. See Cerberus pic above.

Scott Atchison (4.168): $1.3MM. Sorry Dad, enjoy the social security checks.


31M for Johan? Err let's remember the good memories of the no hitter and 2008 and here's a $5.5 M dollar check.

Jason Bay owed 3M.



This is how I imagine the process worked.


Now here's the fun part of this post.

Eric Young Jr to the Blue Jays for Neil Wagner.

Reasoning for the trade: I don't like EY jr. His bad throwing arm irks me. He's not a good fit for my all-defensive team so I dealt him to save money. Neil Wagner is a run of the mill RP with the following statistics.



As you see Neil is nothing special, but he can be a decent arm for the pen and he's super cheap.

Why the Blue Jays will do it: The BJ's have a black hole at 2B and with Davis being a free agent, the BJ could use some speed on the bench. BJ's have a lot of depth in the pen so losing Neil isn't a big deal.

Daniel Murphy and his grit to the Royals for Danny Duffy and Kelvin Herrera.

Reasoning: Murphy has divided the fan base. There is a segment of fans who they he should be kept around, while there are others who feel he should be dealt. I'm in the category of trading Murphy mostly because he's was terrible in the field. His UZR in the last 2 years have both been negative which is a no-no for me. Not to mention I think he has peaked in terms of value and it's good to sell high. Danny Duffy is an interesting arm.



John Sickles in 2011(Yes I know long time ago) wrote

Duffy doesn't do this with smoke-and-mirrors: his fastball is consistently in the low-90s and often reaches higher, up to 96-97 on his best days. He works with a curveball, changeup, and occasional slider, all solid pitches with the changeup drawing the best reviews. Although his control isn't always perfect, it is unusually good for a young power pitcher and he isn't just a thrower: he knows how to pitch.

Although Duffy has just 14 starts in the high minors to his credit, he's been very successful with a 84/19 K/BB in 76 innings and a 2.97 ERA combined between Double-A and Triple-A. As with any young pitcher, he may need some adjustment time to get used to the majors, but he has the stuff and command to be a number two starter if all goes well. I gave him a Grade B+ in the 2011 Baseball Prospect Book, ranked as the Number 12 pitching prospect in the game.

John Sickles

Looks awesome and you have to wonder how can Sandy get him for cheap but he has some flaws. First he had tommy john surgery last year which while isn't a huge negative, but isn't great either. Next is his ability to go deep into games. I've read stuff on Royals Review(great site) that mention that Duffy hasn't exactly showed the ability to be efficient with his pitches in the majors. Plus those walk yuck. Good luck Warthen. Even with these faults he's still a hard throwing lefty who starts so he's a good flyer to take.

Kelvin Herrera throws hard.



That's pretty much it. His average FB velocity the last 2 years was basically 97MPH. He isn't arbitration eligible yet so that's cool.

Why the royals will do it:

Dayton Moore man, Dayton Moore. This team started Chris Getz at 2B. Chris Getz. The owner of a career 1.2 FWAR in 4 years of major league baseball. So safe to say Murphy will provide a huge offensive upgrade for them. Not to mention James Shield is a free agent after this year so their window for winning is closing. Murphy is also the low BB% high contact type hitter that Dayton Moore seeks with passion. Danny Duffy is someone I think the Royals might part with since he might never stick in the rotation with his flaws.. The royals have a sh**-ton of bullpen depth and Kelvin struggled last year so they might be willing to give him up in a deal for a huge upgrade at 2B.

Rafael Montero to the Twins for 2B/OF Eddie Rosario.

Look I know odds of this trade are very low, but I worked hard on my great art here so I need a break here.

This might seem like an off the ball trade. The Twins need major league pitching badly. Big Pelf was their number 1 starter.



That guy.

Montero feels a big need and should be a nice piece for the twins for their future rotation. Add him to Gibson/Kohl/Meyer/May group and you are getting a sound foundation

Now for the Eddie Rosario side of things. For some context here is his minor league stats:



He can hit. The Mets needs more hitters in the upper minors so Eddie can be a big help. He also can play the OF and maybe 2B which as a hitter will be a big help.

Here is a little snippet of Sickles thoughts on him:

Eddie Rosario, 2B, Minnesota Twins. Pre-season 79, July 56. I have liked this guy since high school as a hitter, and he's figured out second base.

Good endorsement right there. Also for a note Montero is ranked 50th and Eddie is ranked 65th in Sickles end of season update, so there is fair value here I think.

Ike Davis traded to the Brewers for Johnny Hellwig.

Yea I think the Ike ship has sailed. I love the walks man but the inconsistencies scare me. So I;ll trade him to the brewers where he will promptly be a 40 HR guy because Mets. The reason the brewers will do this? They started Yuniesky at 1b. It doesn't get much lower as a fan base then that. So Ike is a natural fit for the brew crew.

Hellwig is uh.. a project.



Be sad Dan, be very sad.

Well Johnny is a decently rated prospect but those walks are....bad. But I'm a positive person so I'll stress the good things.. He throws hard with an average FB velocity of 94 MPH. He also is a ground ball pitcher which is always a nice attribute. He also doesn't give up HR's so in my defense heavy team that will be a big plus. Just got to throw a strike which is why I pay Dan a salary. No excuses Warthen!

He isn't arbitration eligible yet so more money savings!

Mets trade Lucas Duda, Jeurys Familia for AJ Pollack.

Ok reason with me for a second. Kevin Towers is an odd man. He undervalued Justin Upton then acquired Heath Bell for some reason. Not to include his fetish for grittiness it is hard for me to get what type of deal he will accept. So if needed, I'll throw in Jeff Walters as another piece to the deal.

Kevin Towers did say..

"I think there's probably a need for a little bit more power in the lineup. Where that comes is probably going to be a corner infield position -- third base -- or a corner outfield position."

Tower is a dummy

More power you say, then Duda is your man. Look I understand it looks ridiculous that a person might think Duda is an OF, but Towers is the man who signed Jason Kubel to a 2 year deal as an OF. So there is a chance.

Now for the Pollack side of the deal.



That's an absurd Dwar. 1 year sample be dammed I'm an optimist. The soon to be 26 year old is very close to league average with the bat with fantastic defense.

So why will Towers trade him? I don't think he values OF defense from the way he handle Parra by never giving him the starting job during the off season. The aforementioned Parra already covers the great CF defense part of the OF and they still have Adam Eaton waiting in the wings too. Tower's also wants more toughness and grittyness on the team and boy is Duda a thug on the field. From the eye test Pollack doesn't look that impressive in the traditional stats. Come on 38 RBIs. While I like Jeurys Familia, I think you can trade him as a secondary piece. Arizona needs help badly in the pen and Walters has the closer experience tm that might entice Towers to make the deal. Pollack isn't arbitration eligible yet which is a nice boost.

Mets trade Gonzalez Germen and a low level pitching arm/Player to be named to the cubs for Darwin Barney.

I wasn't lying when I wanted to build a defensive super power. The cubs need any type of young pitching so Germen fits the bill. The cubs will be willing to deal Barney since A. He can't hit B. They have a ton of MI guys coming up the system to fill Barney's spot. For next year they can just move Valbuena to 2B and have Olt to play 3rd for next year..

Barney's slash line was .208/.266/.303. That is barely above a pitcher. But he is amazing defender. His Dwar last year was 14.7! So he will fit nicely in my scheme. He is arbitration eligible and is estimated to receive $2.1M dollars next year.

Free Agent Signing section:

Mets sign Clint Barmes to a 1 year 3.5M contract.

Fun fact, Clint Barmes is most famously known for falling down the stairs trying to carry deer meat. Here is a photo of the scene.



* May actually not be real.

But other than that he's made a niche for himself in the majors.



He is the SS version of Barney. So a god-awful hitter but a great fielder which is what I want. Stopgap until Tovar is ready!

Sign Dan Haren to a 2 year $18M contract.

Dan Haren once was very good. Now people are undervaluing him. He doesn’t walk anybody which is a big help with my super defense. Also last year he bumped his K rate at 8 per 9 innings. I need a veteran stability and I think Dan is good value.

Sign Brendan Ryan for a 1 year $1M contract.

I need great defense at SS on the bench



Enough said.

Jesse Crain to a 1 year deal worth $3.5M.

This guy was very good last year. He was worth almost 2 wins before going down with a bad injury. So I have money to burn and I think he will be a great trade chip in the middle and $3.5M isn't outrageous on a 1 year deal.

Sign Jacoby Ellsbury to a 6 year 102 M dollar deal.

Couple of thoughts of the contract terms:

- That is a lot of money but I expect him to get in the 100M dollar range so I had to pony up.

- I hate 6 years deals but I feel Jacoby can provide enough surplus value in the front end to offset his maybe sucky tail end of the deal.

- I have no fear of his injury history, since that is why I employ Ray Ramirez. To prevent injuries.



This guy is pretty good when he healthy. You notice the positive defensive value he provides which is very needed in the OF in Citi field. Great base running value as well which I like. He also can be fantastic with the bat. His 2011 year was Mike Trout esque. The walking rate is starting to work itself up and with Hudgens on the job I expect it to continue to rise. So I like him more than Choo for: A) Better defense in CF, B) He's one of my dad's favorite baseball players. C) Choo I think gets 90 M so I rather just get Jacoby at that point.

Also I tried goggling for Jacoby's nickname and I got nothing. So here is Jacoby's face photo-shopped on the Pillsbury dough boy.



Minor league signings:

Jon Rauch: Big guy who wasn't too bad as a mets and can be good depth.

Pedro Feliciano: If he's willing, could be a nice stash away in Triple A when Rice/Edgin gets injured again.

Jeff Karstens. I've always liked this guy. Doesn't walk people which is needed with this team. Only problem is staying healthy for him. So I think he's a nice guy to stash away at Vegas when a met pitcher gets hurt.

Tony Gwynn Jr. Was a solid bench piece for a while who provided great defensive value. Never was much of a hitter but good depth at triple A.

Jeff Francis: SP Depth and a lefty so that should count for something.


CF-Jacoby Ellsbury

3B-David Wright

1B- Wilmer Flores

C- Travis D'arnaud

LF- AJ Pollack

RF-Juan Lagares

2B- Darwin Barney

SS- Clint Barmes.


Bench: Juan Centeno, Josh Satin, Brendan Ryan, Matt Den Dekker, Andrew Brown

This offense might be the worst offense in baseball history. This is why I trust Hudgens to make the bad hitters into league average hitters since that's his job. I don't pay him to look at some spreadsheets.

Pitching Staff:

SP- Niese





Triple A Depth: Duffy/DeGrom/Hellwig/Karstens/Thor/Jeff Francis.

Good staff that Warthen will make throw strikes since the defense will catch everything.

CP- Capt'n Fastball,

RP- Vic Black,

RP- Kelvin Herrera

RP- Jesse Crain

RP- Scott Rice

RP-Josh Edgin

RP- Carlos Torres

With Neil Wagner,Rauch,Pedro, Degrom in triple A.

All these guys BABIP's will be like .200.

So now you've seen my master creation. This amazing defensive team will never allow a ball to drop. Run prevention is the key to baseball and this team will be amazing at it.



Look at that range!

That my friend is defense porn.

Just some quick math, the starting OF Dwar will be 55.9 which is my type of stuff. The Barney/Barmes/Wright part of it will have a Dwar of 33.2. Which combined is 2nd in baseball with only those 7 guys! We are finally the best at something!

The short version:


- Eddie Rosario

- AJ Pollack

- Darwin Barney

- Clint Barmes

- Jacoby Ellsbury

- Brendan Ryan

- Dan Haren

- Jesse Crain

- Jeff Francis

- Danny Duffy

- Kelvin Herrera

- Jeff Karstens

- Jon Rauch


1) Daniel Murphy

2) Ike Davis

3) Lucas Duda

4) Eric Young Jr.

5) Rafael Montero

6) Gonzalez Germen/Famila

7) Q/Turner/Dad

Team strengths: We catch everything which will make all of our pitchers much better. We will also lead the league in defensive GIFS. Good hard throwing bullpen and some young pitching added to the system.

Team weakness: We can't hit but who cares.

How many games will this team win? Not sure but there will be many quick games and great defensive GIFS!

Like so.



Hopefully you pick this as the plan for the future.

Hope you were entertain and Thanks for reading!


Salary/ 2014 expected Fwar via steamer

David Wright

$20M/ 4.9

Jon Niese

$5.050M/ 1.6

Wilmer Flores

$.5M/ 0.4

Josh Satin

$.5M/ 0.2

Juan Lagares

$.5M/ 2.7


$.5M/ 2.5

Matt Den Dekker

$.5M/ 0.0

Jacoby Ellsbury

$17M/ 5.2

Brendan Ryan

$1M/ 0.2

Travis D'arnaud

$.5M/ 2.7

Juan Centeno

$.5M/ 0.1

Vic Black

$.5M/ 0.0

Scott Rice

$.5M/ 0.0

Josh Edgin

$.5M/ -.1

Bobby Parnell

$3.2M/ 0.4

Kelvin Herrera

$.5M/ 0.6

Jesse Crain

$3.5M/ 0.2

Zack Wheeler

$.5M/ 1.1

Dan Haren

$9M/ 2.5

Dillon Gee

$3.4M/ 1.0

King Jenrry

$.5M/ 0.0

Rueben Tejada (in triple A)


Carlos Torres

$.5M/ 0.4

Darwin Barney

$2.1M/ 1.5M

Total Salary: $78.15M

Total expected Fwar: 26.6

*All stats from Fangraph

**I used UZR since I was too lazy to use something else

***Hope I didn't overdo the art part.

****This wasn't that serious just a little fun pondering.

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