reAAOP : My shot in the dark and I have no idea how to MS Paint/put up charts to save my life.

Note: I have no clue how to do those fancy pictures and charts you guys can, so, forgive me :).

Also, my math may be a little off, I am sure some fellow AA person will inform me-you guys are a sharp lot.

Here's my take:

Step 1) sign Kendrys Morales to a 5 year $75M deal.

Step 2) sign Nate McLouth to a 2 year $8.33M deal

Step 3) trade Irish Hammer to White Sox for prospects

Ss Marcus Semien (23/AAA) and OF Trayce Thompson(23/AAA)

Step 4: trade Ike Davis, LHP Darin Gorski and RHP Jeurys Familia to Rockies for

prospect Ss Rosell Herrera(20/A) and OF Charlie Blackmon.

Step 5): sign RHP Scott Feldman to a 2 year $14M deal

Step 6) re-sign Aaron Harang and Dice-K to minor league deals with major league incentives.

Step 7) sign OF Chris Young to a 1 year $2.5M deal.

Step 8) sign RHP Matt Albers to 2 years $3.82M deal

Step 9) re-sign Pedro Feliciano to minor league deal

Trade number one: Why White Sox want Daniel Murphy:

He can slide over at 3b and take over for their incumbent player, Connor Gillapsie, and the Sox's signing of Abreu means they want to win it right? Also, Murphy can play first in a pinch for them. Their rookie shortstop Marcus Semien is a better shortstop than third at this point in time, so it makes more sense for a team like the Mets who need a shorstop to use him there.

Not sure if they will part with Trayce Thompson, but they have a crowded OF as is and no place to play him for now. The Mets can always use a potential impact rookie OF in the system.

Why Mets do this: pick up immediate future shortstop. here's a link to Semien's numbers

Trade number two: Ike Davis, LHP Darin Gorski, and RHP Jeurys Familia to Rockies for

prospect Ss Rosell Herrera (20/A) and OF Charlie Blackmon.

Why Rockies do this: Okay, the Rockies 99.99% most likely won't, even if they need to "fill" a huge void with Helton retired. And I doubt Ike is worth squat at the moment, but in Colorado, who knows? They also pick up potential decent 4th and 5th starters in Gorski and Familia.

Why Mets do this: Check out Herrera's breakout year: Right now, he has no place in Colorado with Tulo and Arrenado ahead of him.

Blackmon gives the Mets a decent 4th outfielder with some pop and speed.

Free Agent signings:

the big splash: Kendrys Morales. He fills the black hole at first, yeah 5 years at $75M is expensive and risky, but I think he's worth the gamble. I also changed my mind about him on defensive stats as well. I'd rather him than sign a Choo or Ellsbury, honestly. Decent outfielders can be had at a lesser price.

the small splashes: OF Nate McLouth to 2 years $8.83M

Why Nate? He is a good defensive outfielder and as a hitter has a decent combo of patience, speed, and some pop. He can also lead off, which something EYJ can't do very good.

sign OF Chris Young to a 1 year $2.5M.

Why Chris Young? He had a terrible year last year, and he can be had for less than what he made, I am sure. He also has good power/speed combination that I like. He's also a good defensive outfielder. He probably won't sign for this little, but you never know. This could be his 'redemption' signing ala the Word.

sign RHSP Scott Feldman to 2 years $14M

Why Scott? And why this much? He made about $6M last season, and I think he can be a decent fit at Citifield, as an innings-eater he is just fine.

re-sign Harang and Dice-K

I am sure you all groaned when I typed this, even I did! But for peanuts they are serviceable. Harang I thought is an okay 5th guy, and I don't think Mejia will be fully healthy in 2014 (unfortunately). And, I don't want to rush him if he's not completely ready. Doubtful Dice-K will hang around the minors, but, hey, worth a gamble.[derp derp]

Sign Matt Albers to 2 years at $3.82M

I just think Albers can be good at Citifield, and we do need a few reliable arms at nice prices (for later trade purposes!).

My team composed as thus:

1b Morales

2b Flores

Ss Semien

3b Wright

C D'Arnaud

LF McLouth

CF Chris Young

RF Juan Lagares

bench: Duda, Turner, Recker, Blackmon and EYJ.















$15M -Morales





$1M-Tejada (AAA)

$31.82M spent on free agents

+ $35M or so (give and take) on team minus Murphy and Davis (but add Santana and Bay)

$66.92M or so.

I believe Satin and MdD start in AAA, based on how TC used them last year, as much as I like Hail I don't see how he gets played over beloved Ginger.

Disclaimer: I really don't see the Mets starting the season with TWO rookies up the middle, but you never know. It sure would save a lot of money.

There's my plan, and I kinda like my plan. Have at it folks! Enjoy!

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